Scenes from the Great 2014 Bernal Heights Mini-Blackout


There was a power outage last night in some parts of Bernal Heights. Streets were dark in many areas of Bernal, but Twitter lit up as our neighbors huddled over their mobile devices for succor and social-sharing. Neighbor Carlo filed the first report at 11 pm:

PG&E provided this well-intentioned but not particularly accurate map of the blackout area:


The map says my house should have been dark, but the lights were still on throughout.

Not so much for Neighbor Willa, however. But she used the situation to create a romantic atmosphere:

Neighbor Ros turned her blackened home into a spa:

Bernal celebrity rockstar Jeremy Passion had no juice at his house (“just like us!”), so he had to be extra-creative to make music:

Neighbor Chuck had electricity, which he used to gloat about his south Bernal microhood:

Glen Park had power but Bernal did not, so some of our neighbors to the southwest considered launching an invasion under cover of darkness:

Upon hearing this, the Bernalwood Intelligence Agency rallied to activate our devilishly effective Eye of Sautrito defense system:

Unfortunately, Neighbor Joe reported the blackout had exposed a serious gap in our defenses:

Your Bernalwood editor decided to step outside to assess the situation. The photo at the top of this post shows the view looking south up Bernal Hill from Folsom, at the corner of Bessie. That’s Hillside Supper Club on the left. Notice the candles burning inside? So cozy! We wandered in to chat with Chef Tony Ferrari.

There was a big party gathered around the candle-lit table, and Chef Tony was in fine spirits — although he worried that his freezers could be vulnerable if the blackout lasted a long time. But then, as we were talking… the lights came back on! (Whew!)

Others reported the same:

But not everyone was so lucky. Apparently, the blackout then spread to Cortlandia:

And this morning, Neighbor Nancy was still without power:

PHOTO: Folsom at Bessie, looking south up Bernal Hill during last night’s blackout, by Telstar Logistics

4 thoughts on “Scenes from the Great 2014 Bernal Heights Mini-Blackout

  1. It was really trippy turning onto Folsom southbound from CC, and all the reflectors of the cars parked up the hills let up like some surreal lane markers when my headlights hit them.

  2. At about 10:30-11pm I think we heard the familiar whirring of a PG&E bucket being lifted in front of our window on Eugenia and Bennington. They started working on the transformer. I just assumed they wanted to screw us over and keep us awake all night with their silly technical jargon instead of working on it during the day. At around 4am they were finally packing it in and power was restored for us. This is the second time this year they worked on the transformer and cut the power.

  3. ummm, our power on winfield was not restored until 8AM (contrary to the above claims of ‘resolution’ by 1:45am). chilly and kind of creepy night!

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