UPDATED: Boyfriend Arrested in Connection with Woman’s Death on Peralta Avenue


Medical Examiners were on the scene in Bernal Heights yesterday, after a woman was found dead inside a home on the 500 block of Peralta, near the corner of Ripley. Police initially deemed the incident “suspicious,” but this morning comes news that the woman’s boyfriend has been arrested in connection with a possible homicide.

Henry Lee from the Chronicle has the story:

The boyfriend of a woman found dead in her home in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood has been arrested on suspicion of killing her, jail records show.

Jules Sibilio, 48, was booked at County Jail on suspicion of murder in the death of 42-year-old Mary Atchison. He is being held without bail.

Atchison was found dead at a home on the 500 block of Peralta Avenue about 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, police said.

Firefighters who responded to the scene believed the circumstances of the death were possibly suspicious and called police. Homicide investigators were summoned to the scene.

Police and the medical examiner’s office have not disclosed the cause of Atchison’s death.

The couple had lived in an apartment in a duplex for the past 10 years, said Jerry Vail, who owns the building with his wife and sister.

Lee has additional reporting on the circumstances that lead up to the discovery of Atchison’s body, so read his whole article.

A Bernalwood reader adds that neighbors had concerns about domestic violence at the address:

Those in the nabes knew this was bad news – I called the police some time ago as he was clearly beating the crap out of her as I was walking by with the dogs.  If anyone has info, they can contact the inspector on this, Daniel Cunningham: Daniel.cunningham@sfgov.org or 415-553-1109

Bernalwood will provide further updates as available.

UPDATE 11:08 am – Bernalwood drove by the scene later this morning. There we encountered two French tourists emerging from the building next to victim Mary Atchison’s home. The tourists said early Tuesday morning, as they returned home from a club at about 3 am, they heard a woman screaming inside the duplex building where Atchison lived.

This is a recent photo of victim Mary Atchison, via Facebook:



UPDATE: 29 August, 2014: KTVU reports that bail for Jules Sibilio has been set at $1 million:

A San Francisco Superior Court judge set bail at $1 million Thursday for a 48-year-old man arrested Tuesday on suspicion of killing a 42-year-old woman who lived with him in the city’s Bernal Heights neighborhood, according to the district attorney’s office.

San Francisco police arrested Jules Sibilio on suspicion of murder for the death of 42-year-old Mary Atchison, San Francisco police Officer Albie Esparza said.

The Examiner obtained this booking photo of Sibilio:


36 thoughts on “UPDATED: Boyfriend Arrested in Connection with Woman’s Death on Peralta Avenue

  1. So sad and scary. And the neighbors and friends don’t seem to be on the same page about whether or not there was abuse. With sympathy…

  2. I’m really in shock. For those of us who knew Mary, she was a ray of sunshine. Always smiling, always had something good to say. What a loss.

  3. Mary was a wonderfully supportive and active longtime member of the Miller-Dogpatch Memorial Garden (“This is a nice neighborhood garden”) which runs between Franconia, Ripley and Brewster. All of the members who had a chance to work with her on work days (she was ALWAYS there) or just casually while working in the garden loved her energy and spirit as well as great success with all kinds of plants. She always mixed flowers in with the vegetables because she said it looked more beautiful that way, plus the bees like it. This is truly tragic news.

    • Sorry for the loss. If you don’t mind me asking at this moment. Does this garden work well? i.e. people take good care of it and there are limited vandalism issues? Just curious.

    • She was always posting pictures from her garden patch to Facebook. She was so super proud of it. (I suspect she liked to plant the orange flowers to show her Giants pride.)

      I’m just gutted by this news.

  4. For those who want to light a candle, leave a note or simply come by to pay their respects, friends and neighbors have set up a memorial in Mary’s garden plot at the Miller-Dogpatch Memorial Garden.

    • I am going to miss that girl. I will think of her every time I water my plants near her garden plot. Everyone that knew her is in shock and saddened to hear this horrible news.

  5. I was so shocked to hear this, my wife and I are friends of Mary & Jules thru meeting them at Giants games, same season ticket section. We will miss Mary so much, always had a great time with her at the games. If anyone is at Friday 8/29 game and wants to raise a glass in Mary’s honor come to VB312 and find me (Rich) row A seat 14 and I would be happy to do so, will not be the same without her , cheers Go Giants in honor of Mary

  6. Oh Mary,
    You were so loved by so many. San Francisco and the world are darker places without your wit and thoughtful deeds to inspire us. May justice prevail.

  7. He was a pig. A really mean drunk. Loud, obnoxious, hurtful. It’s very sad she didn’t get out. I feel bad for her friends and family. People had to have known he was abusive. I knew him and knew it. I even asked Mary once if he hit her and she denied it. Very sad.

  8. Nice to see he got all dolled up for the mugshot there!

    (Not to make light of it; condolences to her family and friends. It’s terrible. And makes me want to go hug my spouse.)

  9. Im trying to i understand why these French tourists who heard her didn’t call the police. It’s not a residential duty, but a human duty. They possibly could have saved her life. They should be ashamed of themselves!

  10. I’ve worked with Jules for 15 years. He has a degree in Environmental Engineering from Cal Poly is very good at his job and is always polite and professional. He and Mary were very much in love. She made his lunches and he drove her to work. They have Giants season tickets and were looking forward to a trip to Dallas to see the 49ers next month. We are reeling with the news of Mary’s death at the office. Jules arrest does not make sense and we are all convinced of his innocence. My prayers are with both of their families and friends.

    • Clearly he was good at hiding his personal life from you all at work. There’s a paper trail to his abuse. Police were called. I’m sure he loved her. To death.

  11. He has a degree from Cal Poly… no he does not. Did you ever fact check that? He is not certified in anything. He never finished college- never finished is senior project so there is no degree. He pulled the woof over so many eyes. He was a liar, an abuser and now he pays.

  12. I knew Mary long ago and we reconnected through facebook and got a chance to meet in person earlier this year. She indeed seemed very much in love with Jules, and mentioned in passing that he had his “stuff” and made a face like, yeah, real shit, but then we moved on in our convo. I have no idea of she was being harmed. It certainly makes sense that, Mary being Mary, she would love a damaged person with her whole heart and much compassion, even taking on some of that burden herself. She was such an incredibly positive, upbeat, inspiring person. Maybe she never felt she could let anyone down by being needy herself. We’ll likely never know. I have compassion for Jules and all of their friends and families. Many lives forever changed. We miss you, Mary.

  13. MsRdi I think you are so correct in saying Mary did not want to appear needy herself. She would have fixed all of her friends lives before she fixed her own. I miss her terribly and have lost one of the few people in this world who knew all of the stuff I’ve been through in this crazy life. I never knew she was being abused but in hindsight I’m not surprised. Verbal abuse is very serious because it only escalates behind closed doors.

  14. I’ve seen Jules hit Mary. He is in no way innocent. He drank himself into a blind rage seven nights a week. He has even admitted to me that he hit her by apologizing to me for it. He is by far the most vile human being I’ve ever interacted with in my entire life.

    • I hope you are serious Rainbowsmile and that you have contacted the DA so that you can give a statement. That poor woman died, is dead, at the hands of this man and from what I’ve heard and read, her friends don’t necessarily believe he did it. If you’ve seen him hit her and drink himself into a blind rage you need to have that documented.

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  16. I didn’t know Mary, but I do know her sister and Ann is a wonderful, loving person that I am so happy to have as a daughter-in-law. My son is so lucky to have her. It is so sad that a kind a caring person was cut down by a such a brutal person. I hope that anyone who can help in this case will go to the police. So often, no one does.

  17. Today was the arraignment. Bail increased to 2 million. First degree murder was the charge. Apparently there were many people against domestic violence there. Apparently the bail was increased due to a bloody sheet found behind the washing machine? Was anyone there with additional information.

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  19. Preliminary hearing was yesterday and continuing today. Anyone have any info on what was presented?

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