Zagat Has Discovered Red Hill Station. You Should Too. Quickly.



It’s been a few months since Red Hill Station opened.

During that time, your Bernalwood editor has dined at Red Hill Station, the new seafood restaurant on Cortland created by Bernal neighbors Taylor Pederson and Amy Reticker, three or four times. Why so many? We’ve eaten at Red Hill Station three or four times because Red Hill Station is good. Really reeeeeeeallly good. Wonderful food, great atmosphere, attentive and neighborly service, and solid value for the hard-earned Bernalese dollar.

That said, Bernalwood has not yet written about Red Hill Station because a) we rather selfishly wanted to get our fill of the place before word got out about just how terrific it is, and b) it was obviously only a matter of time until professional food critics also figured out just how terrific Red Hill Station is, and c) professional food critics get paid to write proper restaurant reviews (so we don’t have to).

Well, that time has now come, because there’s a new review on Zagat that talks about… just how terrific Red Hill Station is:

The Gist: Red Hill Station may just be the next great neighborhood restaurant. Open since mid-June, it certainly is a seafood restaurant, although one of their top dishes is linguine and meatballs — or if you prefer, a meatball appetizer — in a hearty, stewed tomato red sauce. If this seems incongruent, it’s not. Bernal Heights residents and owners, Taylor Pederson and Amy Reticker, came from one of San Francisco’s greatest seafood classics, Anchor Oyster Bar. Red Hill reaches for that level of laid back comfort while attempting more ambitious dishes. And, oh, those sizes! We cannot get over the massive portions of food for around $17-$19 a plate.

So much for keeping this a secret. Check out the Zagat kicker:

The Verdict: As mentioned, in two short months, Red Hill already succeeds at feeling like a destination neighborhood restaurant. But they also deliver seafood in ways you have not seen it before — and portions that more than ensure value. What we’ve tried thus far is delicious. We can’t wait to return.

Hurry, neighbors… get thee to Red Hill Station before all the flatlanders come to crowd out us locals.

PS: Red Hill also pulls down an impressive 4.5 stars from the crankypants commenters on Yelp, including this gush by some guy with a mustache named Jeff B.:

If I was one of the the raters at Michelin, and found myself in the outer limits of downtown San Francisco (ie, Bernal Heights), Red Hill Station and its chef, Taylor Pedersen, would wind up with a star or two. It’s that good.

PHOTOS: Top, exterior photo by Michael C. on Yelp. Food photo by Virginia Miller via Zagat’s

16 thoughts on “Zagat Has Discovered Red Hill Station. You Should Too. Quickly.

  1. I haven’t been able to recommend it due to their lack of vegetarian entrees, but hopefully as they grow, they will work on the menu a bit! It’s always nice to see new businesses thriving in the neighborhood.

  2. So happy when I pass by every couple of nights and see that they are full. I hope this is an anchor that brings more business owners to Cortland.

  3. Have visited, it is very good and I expect it to only improve as the business matures, super exciting.

  4. The food is amazing and they are so kind and welcoming. there is a great atmosphere they have already built with their dream happening energy and good food!

  5. happy to have taylor in the neighborhood..but a bit concerned about our fave seafood place in the castro…two different vibes.

  6. Agreed. It is so great. And it warms my heart to see it so busy each night. It goes to show you – hard work and a real focus on detail usually wins.

    • Chez Panisse only had one option. There’s a lot to be said for a restaurant that sticks to its guns. Should I call vegan restaurants jokes?

    • Yes, why would a dedicated seafood restaurant not have vegetarian entrees? Maybe because it’s not what they’re good at and they don’t want to put out a lousy product. Wow, what a strange concept. Sell what you’re good at doing…..

  7. I’m guessing that vegetarians can order the linguini in stewed tomato sauce without the meatballs.

  8. agreed. it’s COMPLETELY amazing – food, ambiance, service, prices, vibe with neighborhood, etc. amy came up to me and my friend/dining partner during dinner to introduce herself, especially as she thought we looked familiar as neighbors. LOVED that! we will be back to this truly wonderful neighborhood spot…yay!

  9. I finally ate there over the weekend, and it’s as good as everyone says. Great food, great neighborhood feeling. I was there with my brother’s family, and they noted there was a lot of support from (other) parents of kids going to Sunnyside.

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