Security Camera Reveals Face of Thief Breaking Into Cars on Bonview


If you’ve ever had someone break into your car, you’ve probably experienced the fantasy that involves being able to see the face of the dirtball who violated your space and took your stuff — if only to know what kind of person is that kind of an dirtball.

Well, someone broke into Neighbor Mike’s car on Bonview just before 6 am last Monday morning, and his security camera captured the whole thing:

I caught a thief on our security camera canvassing our block and stealing from my car. (I left my car doors unlocked, doh!)

The thief really took his time going through my car, and notice how he doesn’t slam the doors or the trunk, just gently closes them to not make noise. It’s creepy knowing this was happening right below me while I slept.

Side note, he only got a tray full of quarters. Luckily I didn’t have any valuables in the car.

Sit back, grab some popcorn, and get a good look at the dirtball who swiped some stuff from Neighbor Mike’s car:

31 thoughts on “Security Camera Reveals Face of Thief Breaking Into Cars on Bonview

  1. Out of curiosity (and NOT blaming the victim), I didn’t see the thief actually “break” into the car. He appeared to just open the unlocked door. Did the car’s owner leave the doors unlocked?

    • “I caught a thief on our security camera canvassing our block and stealing from my car. (I left my car doors unlocked, doh!)”

      Pretty good camera. Did you have a POE camera mounted on your roof?

  2. First off, don’t be mad at yourself for leaving your doors unlocked. For many, that is a deliberate choice, in the hope that the scumbag won’t break your windows to ransack the car. Although the downside is: occasionally finding a stranger having a nap in your car, or using it for a toilet.

    Second, it’s got to be unbearably frustrating, maddening, crazy-making to have such a clear video of your property being burgled. I hope it helps catch him. Please keep us updated!

    The situation exemplifies some of the problems of “public safety.” You have the most clear, unambiguous evidence possible. Can he be identified? If yes, would police “bother” arresting him over this? If yes, would he be prosecuted? Sentenced? Etc. Etc.

    What if YOU were to see him again? Pepper spray? Baseball bat?

    I’ve always wondered what the end-game of security cameras turns out to be. Also, motion-sensor lighting. Do you have those?

    Thanks again for sharing this experience with us. I hope someone identifies him for you, somehow. If not, you’ve at least done a public service, because it makes everyone think about the situation from a concrete example, rather than just conjecture.

    Good luck!

  3. Our car has been opened twice in the neighborhood (both times doors accidentally left unlocked!) in broad daylight. Once at the corner of Bocana and Holly Park circle a few weeks ago… And a few weeks prior to that right in front of our house. They took over $500 worth of items, including baby goods (like baby carrier, in car baby monitor (probably mistook for gps), changing supplies, etc). So disheartening. But at least the windows weren’t smashed too……

  4. what kind of camera do you have? We are looking to install some in the Shotwell/Mirabel area where there are multiple break-ins. Thanks for the info

    • I’ve recommended a couple times here. There are a lot of high quality reviews there with great cameras you won’t find at bestbuy. I really don’t recommend getting a dropcam type off the shelf thing and hope you will get clear nighttime images of license plates or peoples faces. (although I think this is what Mike had)
      Get a camera that supports Power over Ethernet(POE) and plug it into something like this Synology has a plug-in called Survailance Station that will easily handle 2 cameras on this device.
      Service fee’s add up and this is a way to run it without a service fee. Plus the synology can do a lot more than just surveillance. Buy a bigger one with 2,4,5 drives and you can store all your photos, music, videos, etc..

  5. Hi folks,

    Mike here. I’m using a dropcam security camera. I used video editing software to zoom in the event. (Final Cut Pro X) The camera works well for close up events, not so good if the incident happens farther away. Our camera is probably only 15′-18′ from the driver’s side door. If it had been much farther his face would have been completely blurred. It’s a fish eye lens so it picks up a lot of area. I pay $99/year for the online service which keeps the last 7 days on file, and I can make clips of events whenever I want including timelapse clips of entire days.

    I haven’t filed a police report because of how little was stolen. Perhaps I should? If he had stolen something valuable, or broken a window I DEFINITELY would have filed a report.

    We had another situation a couple months ago where an old Russian guy was staring at one of my housemates from Bernal Hill. She was hanging out on her balcony. He came to our door a short time later and asked to talk to “the woman who lives upstairs”. As I was questioning him on who he was and why he wanted to talk to her, she came down to see what was going on and he started talking about God to her. We got a great shot of him on the camera, but he was ultimately harmless so I never filed a report there either. There is a definite sense of relief having these guys on record though. With all the crazy stuff going on out there I highly recommend getting a security camera of some kind.


    • Side note for clarity: It’s actually a Dropcam Pro security camera. It’s better than the standard Dropcam camera.

      • Thanks, appreciate the info and glad you reported it. It keeps the police informed of crime in the hood.

  6. And to answer a couple more of your questions Bajato, no, I’m not feeling rage against this guy. Like I said, he stole maybe $5 worth of quarters (parking meter money) and the tray that they rest on. (That was annoying) Somehow having him on film takes away the feeling of a being victim.

  7. Please be a good neighbor and turn give this footage to the police. Not much was stolen from your car but that is just one scenario.

  8. I agree with Maureen – do take the still at least to the cops, as they will really appreciate having such clear evidence of the miscreant. You may save someone else’s car and belongings from this same idiot.

  9. Thanks for sharing this unfortunate situation. I guess I would encourage you to file a police report, though obviously it is up to you. Partly to build up a record of criminal activity that can in turn inform other neighbors, many crime victims file reports without even knowing exact time of car break-in or what was stolen or by what kind of person (as was my case last month…). You have all of that information in detail, and it would seem good to share with authorities. A police record (when combined with others’ records) may ultimately serve a wider community purpose. Who knows.

  10. Ok, I just filed a report online and included a link to the video. I would have done this earlier if I knew it would be so easy. I thought I was going to have to go to the station, or have police come to my home. Thanks folks!

  11. Please keep us posted! Now I’m curious if the Police do ‘anything’ with it. This guy seemed like he was up to ‘no good’.

  12. Great surveillance camera. Maybe turn the video over to Kron4 – Stanley Roberts.
    He does the “People Behaving Badly” piece. Would be awesome if someone
    recognized this thug!

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  14. As mentioned up the comment thread, please file a police report so the police have a snapshot of what crime is occurring and then can allocate resources accordingly.

  15. Thanks for capturing this! I’m fairly certain it’s the same guy–or a guy with a similar MO–that got into our (unfortunately) unlocked car on Manchester sometime between Friday (8/15) afternoon and Sunday (8/17) morning. He stole my fiance’s sunglasses and left the center console up but that was it luckily. Creepy that someone is walking around the neighborhood like that, though.

  16. Ha ha that’s just one of our far-left Bernalwood posters. He’s just doing that to try to keep his rent down by keeping the crime rate up.

  17. I was out of town from August 1-10 and left my car parked on Bonview and Stoneman. When I came back no windows were broken, but the front door was slightly ajar. All compartments were open, things were strewn all around. They left my registration, insurance card, and Fastrak. They did pop my trunk and steal two books of CDs (?!), a tent, and a bocce ball set. Glad no windows were broken!

    • Sorry to hear this LW. This is a good reminder to folks that items left in the trunk are NOT safe. It’s a security flaw that car makers put the trunk lever in the cabin of the car, but it sure is convenient. Side note, you’re lucky your car didn’t get towed. I see cars get tagged and towed here on Bonview all the time when people leave their cars more than three days.

    • I had a similar situation back on the 10th or so, at Bocana/Eugenia. Was in the midst of a move and must have accidentally unlocked the car with my key fob at some point. Seeing this, and the way my car was left, I’m certain it was this guy that made off with a couple of cell phone mounts (stored in the center console) but left registration and FasTrak. No damage, thankfully, but violating and maddening nonetheless.

  18. Sadly had the same happen to us on the 18th Monday around 2-3pm in broad daylight on the corner of Virginia and Eugenia. Reported the incident online. Remember to keep those doors locked and keep valuables out of the car.

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