Bernal Neighbor Creates Tasty, Disruptive Dried Meat Product (Biltong Fans Rejoice)


Uber is disrupting the taxicab space. Airbnb is disrupting the travel lodgings space. And right here in Bernal, Neighbor Steve Kerford is working on a product that seeks to disrupt the dried meat space.

Neighbor Steve lives on Gates Street, although he’s originally from South Africa. In South Africa, you see, the locals favor a special kind of beef jerky called biltong. Neighbor Steve reached out to Bernalwood recently with an offer to drop off some of his biltong for us to sample.

The good news is, it was delicious! Most dried meats taste like an old sneaker dipped in BBQ sauce, but Neighbor Steve’s biltong tastes like… meat! Delicious, tender meat! Only, dried.

The bad news is, Neighbor’s Steve’s biltong was so tasty that Team Bernalwood gobbled up the entire bag before I had a chance to take a photo. Oh well.

Anyway, Neighbor Steve’s disruptive dried beef product company is called Cut & Dried Gourmet, and you can get some of his biltong from their website. He also has a Kickstarter campaign underway that’s getting close to it’s funding goal with about a week remaining on the clock:

 We tested our artisanal South African Biltong air-dried beef recipe while working with the leaders in ethical, natural beef production, Niman Ranch and Hearst Ranch. The results were spectacular; making Biltong with premium American beef produced the perfect health and gourmet snack! A paleo, charcuterie delight that is never cooked so it retains unadulterated nutrients and amino acid chains.

Our ambition is to get Biltong into America’s salads, office snack bars, backpacks, lunch boxes and gym bags. Healthy snacking with no sugar or additives, made from the finest American beef.

PHOTO: Neighbor Steve models his biltong, via Kickstarter

5 thoughts on “Bernal Neighbor Creates Tasty, Disruptive Dried Meat Product (Biltong Fans Rejoice)

  1. maybe combining ‘distruptive’ with ‘meat product’ is not the most efficacious usage of the term. I just had a disruptive meat product experience up in Ashland, OR, and it wasn’t a lot of fun.

  2. I lived in South Africa for years and return often on vacation. Biltong is everywhere and loved by all. Unfortunately US Customs won’t let you back into the US with the stuff. Biltong really is delicious and FAR better then jerky. No comparison actually. Try it, you’ll love it! Good luck Steve!

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