New Bernal Journal Goes on Hiatus, as Neighbor Tim Redmond Hatches Plan to Revive It


Regular readers might have noticed something odd on the front page of the most recent (April/May) issue of the New Bernal Journal, the bimonthly print newspaper published by the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center.

Below the fold, a small item explained that the New Bernal Journal planned to temporarily cease publication:


What??? Why? What does this mean? And what’s the plan?

Bernalwood reached out to BHNC executive director Rachel Ebora for insight, and she explained that producing New Bernal Journal had become difficult in its current form, and that there was a desire to make the newspaper “more community driven vs. completely staffed by BHNC.”

She also said Bernal neighbor and veteran progressive journalist Tim Redmond had expressed in interest in overseeing the New Bernal Journal’s revival.

This was an innnnteresting potential development, so Bernalwood asked Neighbor Tim Redmond for comment as well. Via email, Neighbor Tim tells us:

Yes: We want to bring back the New Bernal Journal. The staff at BHNC doesn’t have the time to do it anymore, and besides, they would like it to be more than a BHNC publication and more of a neighborhood pub.

So I have volunteered to put together a group of local editors and writers (and as you know, the hill is full of editors and writers) to create some sort of editing committee that would assign out, write, and edit the copy for a bimonthly NBJ. We want it to reflect all of Bernal.

And yes, I am very much looking for volunteers who want to be part of this collective effort to recreate and rebuild the NBJ. Please let Bernalwood readers know that they can contact me at this email <timredmondsf AT gmail DOTCOM> if they want to help out.

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13 thoughts on “New Bernal Journal Goes on Hiatus, as Neighbor Tim Redmond Hatches Plan to Revive It

  1. Will be interested in how the NBJ positioned itself relative to Bernalwood. I hope for an amiable, cooperative relationship.

  2. I welcome this: “they would like it to be more than a BHNC publication”.
    I’d love to see a Bernalwood section of the new paper, with the best of Bernalwood since the last issue.

  3. It’s tough publishing a newspaper today. A few years ago before their draconian cutbacks, the Chronicle was literally losing $1 million a WEEK. To me the NBJ had always been a mouthpiece for the BHNC, and thus wasn’t really in tune with neighborhood wants and needs. In recent years I didn’t pick it up at all, unless I was dining in Bernal and had nothing else to read. Tim Redmond would be a fascinating addition to the NBJ.

  4. It would be stupendous if some Bernal writers could cover news about the real issues in the neighborhood. There’s only so much Bernal Dad Racing, Bikini Jogger, and Real Estate selling blog stories some of us can take.

  5. One of the biggest problems with the NBJ in recent years was its lack of physical distribution. Eight or nine years ago, there were dozens of volunteers — I was one of them — who took bundles of papers and covered a handful of blocks each . These volunteers seem to have dropped off to the point where you’d only see the NBJ at stores on Cortland and in giant piles at the BHNC.

    The print run used to be around 2000, as I recall. There are apparently 6000 households in Bernal Heights — it’s a shame that most of them didn’t get to see the paper very often.

  6. I was the editor of the NBJ (pronounced “nibbage”) from 2004 to 2006, but I resigned largely because of the issues around it being a BHNC house organ. (I was told not to print a letter that expressed a different opinion on the library mural/preschool from the BHNC party line.)

    I would love a community-oriented newspaper that covered every aspect of Bernal Heights, but I’m not convinced that print is the way to go.

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