Bernal Chefs Organizing Tasty Taco Pop-Up

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Neighbor Jasper is organizing a pop-up evening of tasty taco madness. The event happens on Friday, August 22, but reservations are being accepted now (and are expected to sell out). Neighbor Jasper tells Bernalwood:

I will be hosting the second incarnation of a pop-up dinner in Bernal Heights on Friday, August 22nd.  I am a Bernal resident – currently living just off of Cortland – and I would love for community members to join for the evening.

The first event was a few months ago in lower Pac Heights, and this time around we have secured a space in Bernal for our dinner. It’s a single seating of 40 guests for a multi-course meal at $65.

Here’s some additional detail, from the Tacos Gringas website:

All tacos are good tacos. The worst you’ve ever had was still pretty good. As the great peasant foods from around the world make their way into and out of the spotlight, tacos – and more generally, antojitos – remain an unmovable staple. Simplicity collides with incredible flavors. Modest cuts braised until they become treasures pair with bright herbs and cutting salsas inside humble corn tortillas.

Tacos Gringas pays homage to the drunken nights when greasy mystery meats satisfied a primal craving, and every leaf of cilantro and piece of onion made perfect sense even to the most intoxicated. Ironically, real tacos gringas don’t make sense at all. A flour tortilla stuffed with al pastor and slathered in melted cheese is the bastardized, yet delicious version of the trompo classic slung on the streets of Mexico City.

Tacos Gringas is just that. A delicious re-imagination of traditional flavors. Nothing fancy. Just good ingredients, thoughtfully combined, and expertly cooked.

Reservations are required; make your reservation right here.

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18 thoughts on “Bernal Chefs Organizing Tasty Taco Pop-Up

  1. Heh heh… $65 for a taco dinner, eh pardner? Well well… what’s not to like about that?! Kids these days…

  2. Not sure I understand…Pay $65 up front for a taco dinner and you will get the details of the location afterward?? Is the tequila a secret too? I think I would rather spend that money eating at my favorite taqueria for a week with that kind of money (at least I know the location).

  3. $65 tacos could *possibly* be worthwhile. But I’d have to know a lot more about the fundamentals, more than “Nothing fancy. Just good ingredients, thoughtfully combined, and expertly cooked.”

    Are you making the masa from scratch? Like, soaking the corn kernels in lime? Beans? Rancho Gordo beans with plenty of marrow? Throw me a bone here, guys. (ha)

  4. I really want to support this endeavor, buuuuuuut unfortunately have to agree seems a little pricey when “greasy mystery meats” are involved. Margarita or tequila pairing with each taco or plate would certainly make it more appealing.

  5. Please let me know the location. Putting on my calendar right of way. I’ve been looking for that
    $65 ultimate taco. Ugh – So sorry I missed the Pac Heights premier!

  6. The fact that there are people moving into my neighborhood who would pay $65 for “greasy mystery meats” to “pay homage to drunken nights” makes me depressed.

  7. The fact that they added “Bernal Heights – the hottest neighborhood in America!” to the reservation page title proves to me that they are just trying to capitalize on our good fortune and recent influx of what many assume to be really wealthy people. Never ever would I support something like this.

  8. This is everything I hate about pseudo-mexican food. They don’t even have gringas on the menu. And no-one calls it a taco gringa – una gringa is a flour tortilla with al pastor and queso oaxaca. Por favor. None of those dudes even spent much time in D.F.

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