Bernal Heights Home Fire Reveals Marijuana Grow Farm


KCBS reports that an overnight fire in a Mayflower Street night revealed an unexpected surprise:

Firefighters battled a one-alarm fire in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood where they uncovered an illegal marijuana grow operation this morning, a fire dispatcher said.

A report of a fire in the 300 block of Mayflower Street came in around 3:50 a.m., the dispatcher said.

Apparently, an arrest was made after the secret was discovered:


12 thoughts on “Bernal Heights Home Fire Reveals Marijuana Grow Farm

  1. One could argue that bad electrical wiring was the real cause; Cannabis is just what drove the need for all that electrical 🙂

  2. Craziest thing. I’m woken at 4am by the sound of chainsaws. It’s not the sort of thing you usually hear at 4am. I can’t see anything and it seems pretty close. I wasn’t sure if there was a crazed lunatic running around the state land near the freeway or if the CHP was sawing open a car that crashed on 101.
    Finally I saw multiple flashlights so I assumed they got whomever was running around. And then I saw a tweet from KTVU that there was a fire on Mayflower. It all started to make sense.
    That jerk owes me a good night sleep. Go grow in Mendocino or Humboldt.

  3. POT GROWERS: If you’re going to grow pot, get a licensed electrician to install proper wiring. And don’t bypass the PG&E meter. If you’re using too much electricity it’s because you’re doing it wrong. Today’s LED grow lights significantly reduce the need for light electricity and for cooling fans. Get with the times!

    Personal note: I think most marijuana growers and users are losers. Most. But on the other hand, if people are going to grow marijuana, they should at least do it in a way that doesn’t endanger people’s lives!

    • Seems to me that if you don’t have solar panels for this sort of thing now, you’re doing it wrong.

  4. At least the SFPD can make an arrest when the evidence falls into their laps. But cluttering up the courts for a pot bust? That’s the sort of thing jury nullification is made for.

    • You want to smoke pot in your house every day of the week, that’s fine with just about everyone. Probably if you want to grow some personal stash in your garden that’s fine with just about everyone too.
      But if you want to run a large growing operation that might organized crime members to your house next to mine or you potentially endanger my family with a burning house then yes throw the book at them.
      Peace and love, peace and love.

  5. You’d think the amount of rent that we have to pay around here would really cut into your profit margin. Got to be cheaper places to grow. 😉

  6. He owns the house. I wouldn’t risk my biggest asset growing. Who’s going to clean up the insulation from his roof that has landed our yard?

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