Wayward Poultry Alert: Lost Chicken Found Crossing Road


Neighbor Sheila found this chicken last night on Bernal Hill:

Last evening, while on an evening walk, we found a beautiful black lost chicken on Bernal Hill.

She/he was crossing the proverbial street, when we found it. Cars were not paying attention, so we went back to bring the chicken to safety and now have it at my house on Folsom.

Please post the picture of this lost chicken, so that we might find its owner. Thank you.

If you are the keeper of this wayward chicken, please contact the Bernalwood Lost Chicken Hotline at bernalwood AT gmailDOTCOM.

9 thoughts on “Wayward Poultry Alert: Lost Chicken Found Crossing Road

  1. I’ve seen a guy on Folsom a couple years ago, chasing his escaped chickens. That was between Stoneman and Ripley, maybe he still has them (and now one less)? I don’t know where exactly he lives, though.

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  3. How great that our neighbors are helping this bird and want to find the owner.

    Have the good samaritans checked in with SF Animal Care and Control? Betting they have since they’re right up the street from there, but it’s worth mentioning as the owner may not look at this blog but may very well know SFACC.

    They do re-home chickens at SFACC. I saw one being adopted there last month. Very cute.

    Good luck!

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