Avedano’s Team Raising Funds for Artisanal Butcher’s Guild


Audrey Daniel tells Bernalwood that the folks behind Avedano’s Meats on Cortland are doing a fundraising campaign to support the Butcher’s Guild, a trade association for artisanal butchers:

I would like to share some local news. A Barnraiser campaign (a new food crowd funding platform) has been launched by Tia Harrison, one of Avedano’s owners as well as co-owner of Sociale, and author Marissa Guggiana, author of “Primal Cuts, Cooking with America’s Best Butchers”. Tia and Marissa founded the Butcher’s Guild and are nationally developing education and a forum for independent butchers. Part of this is to encourage butchers to use whole animals from local farmers to “rebuild an industry and have a spirit of inclusion”

The campaign ends on July 10, and at the moment it’s about $1000 shy of it’s goal. There’s plenty more detail about the Butcher’s Guild on the campaign site.

]PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

6 thoughts on “Avedano’s Team Raising Funds for Artisanal Butcher’s Guild

  1. I agree with ParkStreet. While I like Avedano’s, and the Butcher’s Guild seems like a nice idea, at the prices they charge they really should be funding it themselves, not asking the neighborhood for money.

    Also, “Butcher’s” and “Avedano’s” get an apostrophe because they are possessive nouns. “It’s” only gets an apostrophe when it means “it is” or “it was,” so “shy of its goal” would be correct here.

  2. Really? Grammar schooling? How uncool.
    If you really want to be like that, “butchers'” (plural possessive) is probably what you’re looking for. Jeez.
    But yo, why you gotta be such negative nellies? ParkStreetK, if you don’t want to donate, don’t already. But butt out, buttinsky.

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  5. cranky franky, thanks for saying what i was thinking…

    i have supported various efforts by locals to start something new and interesting. some have been very cool & successful, some less so, but i think it adds to the community, unlike the negative nelsons that are just lame

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