Suspected “Zombie Walker” Thief Arrested; Nevada Street Neighbors Greatly Relieved

zombiecrime Neighbor D. explains why some residents of Nevada Street are feeling a little more secure this week:

Well, the wandering zombie walker burglar ( as known to us on the 300 block of Nevada St.) was finally handcuffed & arrested last Friday evening. We refer to this guy as the “walker” because he looks like a zombie. He was captured after he tried (unsuccessfully) to pick our front door lock.

The zombie walker has been opening mailboxes, looking for packages and unlocked doors on both cars and houses for months now in this area. He is a tall, thin, African American male in in late 20’s / early 30’s. He is either homeless /transient, or his modus of operation may just be to appear homeless/transient.

I was heading from my kitchen area to my living room last Friday at 7:45pm to pull the shade on my front window down when I heard a noise from my front door handle. Then I heard the sound of something hit my front porch light, coming from these crazy looking, home made devices made from what looked like gardening tools. Then I saw the shadow of an unexpected visitor on our porch.

I immediately opened my front door as he walked down my front stairs to the sidewalk. I just looked at this crazy crackhead who tells me ” I ain’t doing nothing wrong” repeatedly. My response was “well you ain’t doing nothing right either, since you are clearly up to no good!”

My partner and watched him as he was went from house to house with his tools and Hefty garbage bag. We calked 911, and the SFPD nabbed him at Putman & Crescent as he was tossing all his stuff while being chased. Once we called SFPD, they knew his description immediately and the officers had him handcuffed within 10 minutes.

I will be pressing charges for attempted burglary.

12 thoughts on “Suspected “Zombie Walker” Thief Arrested; Nevada Street Neighbors Greatly Relieved

  1. Wonder if he’s the one who took (stole) my work shoes from my front door space…. Never had this happen before.

  2. How tall was he? I had an interesting run-in with a man fitting that description on top of the hill Sunday afternoon.

  3. I live near Precita Park. In the last 5 weeks we’ve had someone attempt to pick and break a lock on a door to our garage and just yesterday our front door. These are the only times something like this has happened to us since I moved to Bernal 15 years ago. Crimes like these seem much more common. I hope neighbors will help keep an eye out and call the police when you see something suspicious. Does anyone know what number to call to notify the police? There’s no point in sending out officers, but it seems important that the pattern of these crimes get reported.

    • Yes call 553-0123 local bernal dispatch… 911 will work just fine as soon as you give your address they will automatically connect you to your local precinct. You are in Preciita Park so you may get the Mission Station, over here on the other side of the hill we get Ingleside.


  4. When you call 911 from a cellphone it connects you with the California Highway Patrol, which then has to transfer you to the local 911 call center. For faster service call 415 553-8090 if you’re using a cellphone. I have this number stored at the top of my “Favorites” list for easy reference. This is one of the many things you learn when you take NERT training.

    • Thanks Alex for the useful tip. You and Donatello mentioned different numbers. Can you or someone else clarify the two numbers for me? I definitely want to load this into my phone.

  5. True, however in NERT they also mention for those with landlines 911 is best especially for a crime taking place at that specific moment or if you feel threatened in anyway. Also knowing your specific SFPD precinct number as well for non-emergency calls that may have the potential to escalate is always a good idea as you suggest . I can only speak for myself , both as a Beat Cop and Bernal resident. Once I power my cell off for the evening I am done. Regardless of how the call was made, “D” got the alleged perp out of our neighborhood for the time being.

  6. Good work Neighbor D & SFPD! Glad at least one criminal is off the street. This sounds like the guy that walks up/down Crescent Ave knocking on doors, carrying black plastic bags that look full. If so, he may even have been in St Mary’s Park.

  7. Wow. I live on the 300 block of Nevada and never knew any of this. We’ve certainly had our share of nuisance issues, including broken car windows, graffiti, etc. But somehow I was never aware of this particular guy. We used to have a neighborhood watch group on Nevada. Maybe time to give that some thought again, or maybe just an email list.

  8. I witnessed the dramatic takedown of the suspect. The guy took off and was running as fast as he could into the traffic on Alemeny, where cars are easily going 40 mph+, the cop, also runing on foot, chased him into the same traffic and tackled him in the middle of the street with cars swerving out of the way, that cop deserves a medal.

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