New Creamery on Cortland Has a Name, but No Opening Date (Yet)


Since its existence was first revealed here almost one year ago, there hasn’t been much news about the new market and eatery at 800 Cortland that’s going in to the old Bernal Heights Produce store at the corner of Ellsworth.

As you recall, the new place will be operated by the folks from Harvest Hills Market on Folsom at Precita. And since your Bernalwood editor shops at Harvest Hills regularly, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to inquire about the progress of 800 Cortland.

Frankly, we haven’t learned much. We understand that there’s been some construction, and much time has been spent dealing with various City permitting agencies. Some new equipment has been installed, including an ice cream machine.  Still, no word yet on a target opening date, other than soon, hopefully.

Oh, and based on the lettering that appeared recently on the side of the old truck Harvest Hills uses to haul stuff around, the new place may now have a name: The Harvest Cafe and Creamery. Coming soon. Hopefully.


PHOTOS: Top, 800 Cortland in May 2013. All photos by Telstar Logistics

23 thoughts on “New Creamery on Cortland Has a Name, but No Opening Date (Yet)

  1. Looking forward to the opening. From the looks of the building, there probably were many issues with work not being done to code in the past. Glad to see many good things happening along Cortland Ave.

  2. What? No wizzened and bitter “real” Bernalites bemoaning the addition of wonderful new amenities and how Bernal was better back whenever it was is was in their dystopian retro-working-class utopia? What a pleasant surprise! 🙂

    • As a 30 year resident and homeowner in Bernal Heights, I so welcome the upgrades to our neighborhood… Bring it on!!!

    • David, I’m down for some yummy ice cream – it won’t open soon enough for me! Don’t know what you are referring to with the “wizened and bitter” Bernalites description, and I guess that’s a good thing…how unfortunate you’ve had such negative experiences. I moved back to Bernal – my childhood neighborhood – 9 years ago. Loved it then, love it now. And just adore my “old school” neighbors, as well as my newer ones. I venture to say they all love ice cream!

    • I’ve had meh made in-house cream before. But you know whats better than made in-house? Made on-demand. Have you had that stuff in Hayes Valley that’s made on-demand? Crazy good.

  3. Nice! Was reminded the other day of the biggest downfall of Progressive Grounds… when it gets hot out, their freezer can’t keep up and the ice cream gets all soupy. A non-soupy ice cream place would be great!

  4. wow I can’t believe it’s been a year already! so excited for the new businesses coming to this stretch of cortland.

  5. No permitting nightmare. This is rather normal so far for this city and state. You see many places close for 18 months to meet requirements. The place was just very dirty and then there were delays in communications between groups that do inspections and the order. We didn’t change anything, only cleaned and painted… This project was not our highest priority. We added a degree of difficulty by wanting to make hard ice cream. So dairy state inspectors are now going to join the process… The machines have arrived so we take the next step.

    People ask when it will open. My answer to that this is similar to when we flew our software business hot air balloon years ago, excited viewers would ask where will you land? Like the wind, we have no control over inspectors schedules and wishes. You just don’t know what date we will land on. It will most likely not be a big opening, just one day you’ll be able to come in and have a nice Dino Kale, mint dip or two to curb any depression that might have been trying to slow your day or some organic cinnamon banana cream. We’ll be able to custom make your flavor in 4 minutes while you shop.

    The city has given us the list for the big old trucks that will serve the ice cream around town and we estimate six months to finish that construction on a couple of the 1950’s vehicles. Hopefully the ice cream will be ready by the late summer heat 🙂 We love testing the flavors and the Italian Ice has been wonderful on a hot day. I can say that our other stores will be fed by this location. The pies, ice cream and breads will be made here and brought to our other locations.

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