Bring Your Cool Car (and Maybe Your Kids) on the 2014 Bernal GT 100



2011 Bernal GT

There are a great many car rallies in this world, but there are very few where you may see a Ferrari used as a donut rack.

The Bernal GT just happens to be one such rally.

The Bernal GT is an annual confab of local cars, kids, donuts, and scenic mountain roads organized by the gearhead family men of the Bernal Dads Racing Team. By design, then, The Bernal GT was created to provide opportunity to dust off classic-ish cars, stuff a kid or two into the seats, and partake of some spirited gran tourismo with a group of like-minded motorheads (and mini-motorheads).

The 2014 Bernal GT 100 happens this Saturday, May 17, and Neighbor Fiid extends the invitation:

The Bernal Dads are proud to announce the fifth Bernal GT 100!!

As in past years, this is the kid friendly– but not kid necessary– run beginning and ending in the vicinity of Bernal Heights.
The Bernal GT is simply a drive, not a race or competition for awards, trophies, pink slips, bragging rights, or spiritual attainment.

Bring an old car *or* a newer car with a kid *or* better still– an old car and a kid. If you have something new and interesting that can work too, but no minivans or SUVs unless you’ve stuffed a blown small-block in it or something.

This is a free event, and will not cost anything to participate.

Like last year, We’ll try to bring airline barf bags for anyone bringing kids (or weak-stomached adults). There will probably be donuts and coffee, but no promises.

When: Saturday, May 17, 2014
Time: 9:30am to mid-afternoon
Where: The parking lot at Fort Funston.
Length: Somewhere between 80 and 120 Miles
Cost: Nothing
We are looking for the following:

  • – Car of 1980 model year or older
  • – If you have kids 17 years or younger and/or kids in car seats, newer cars can work.
  • – Rare and/or exotic cars 1981 model year and newer

Wanna join in? You should join in!

RSVP by sending the following info to:

1) Drivers Name, Co Driver & other passengers
2) Phone Number
3) Kids Along: Yes or No
4) Your Vehicle’s Name:
5) Vehicle Info: Year, Make, & Model

Cheers, and hope to see you on the 17th!!

Your Bernalwood Editor and our Cub Reporter will be covering the Bernal GT this weekend; look for us in the Bernalwood Action News Mobile Uplink Miata.

PHOTOS: Telstar Logistics

20 thoughts on “Bring Your Cool Car (and Maybe Your Kids) on the 2014 Bernal GT 100

  1. Really, you are going to burn all that fuel to go for a “joy” ride when climate change is well underway? What a waste.

      • C’mon, Todd, shouldn’t you be complaining that a Ferrari is the most un-Bernal like car and doesn’t belong in our neighborhood? That car cost as much as many of us spent on our Bernal houses. Where’s the shame?

      • Let’s get some facts straight. Today you could buy a ham sandwich for what many bernalese originally paid for their homes. Second the owner off this Ferrari was born and raised here. So not only is there no shame, there is the opposite of shame — pride. And donuts. Which, I would argue, is a classic Bernal combination.

    • All of the joy rides taken in one year don’t even come close to the impact of the daily commute, shipping stuff from China, using air conditioning during the summer, eating beef, airplane trips across the country, etc.

    • Oh pull-eez. Complaining about the price of a Ferrari 308? Come on. Your Honda Accord cost more than you could buy a 308 for today. And if we’re so concerned about burning hydrocarbons, stand in the middle of 101 in the morning to protest. I drive an electric car and have solar panels on my roof and the rest of it too. But I’ve also got a ’60s Little British Car that I love. You can be an environmentalist without being a killjoy. Give it a try some time.

  2. We might come check out the cars, but not hit the drive. How long will you be staged at the Fort Funston parking lot?

  3. Just my kind of neighborhood..unfortunately 8hours and 300+ miles norh of me have a great time
    72 914
    72 1800e

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