Valiant Power Pole Halts Runaway Van Rolling Down Treat Street


Neighbor Rusty reports that a runaway van rolled down the 1600 block of Treat Street, just south of Precita Park. Fortuitously, a heroic PG&E electric pole sacrificed itself by halting the vehicle’s progress moments before it slammed into a house. *whew!* Close call:

PHOTOS: Neighbor Rusty

7 thoughts on “Valiant Power Pole Halts Runaway Van Rolling Down Treat Street

  1. From what I heard an officer say: The van was double-parking at the top of the street to unload some stuff, there were a couple passengers in the van, the driver put on the parking break and got out of the van and heard a “pop” of the parking break releasing as he felt the van start to move back. He was able to jump back in before it picked up too much speed. I didn’t see it until just as it struck the power pole, and snapped it, and there was a bit of initial panic from everyone outside thinking that it might be the high voltage lines coming down. However, it was only the 240V lines and lots and lots of telephone and cable TV cables.

    I think that the driver actually did a smart thing by grabbing the wheel and making the vehicle turn; otherwise it would have plowed straight down the street picking up lots of speed and doing who knows how much damage.

  2. Carl is very correct. Treat Street was a bar on 24th and Treat Ave. The street in Bernal (and the Mission) in named “Treat Ave”.

  3. Ahhh…it’s was the parking break …I thought perhaps the driver was distracted by the porno movies that the neighbor likes to project using his garage as the movie screen.😜

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