Sunday Morning: Renegade Bernal Heights Easter Egg Hunt


Shhhhhhh! There’s word on the street that the Easter Bunny may hide some eggs in Holly Park tomorrow morning:

Bernal’s unofficial, unauthorized, unorganized, nondenominational EGGZELLENT Hide & Hunt in Holly Park

Date Sunday, April 20
9:00 for hiders.
10:00 for hunters.

North steps of Holly Park

9:00 am. Meet at the top of the north steps of Holly Park for the hiding parent. (rules and chatter until around 9:15 and then 30 minutes of hiding. NO Kids until 9:45am please…)

Around 10:00 am we’ll go over the rules (quickly) for the kids and then start. The rules will be made up on the spot. They depend on how many people show up, the age range, and the weather.

– at least 12 nicely colored eggs; chocolate or plastic. Also, there have been multiple requests for more stickers/plastic dinosaurs/ikea finger puppets/whathaveyou and less candy!
– a basket for your kid to carry eggs.

– eggs with candy, crackers, tattoos, toys, confetti– what ever you like as long as its safe.
– there will be separate areas designated for toddlers and bigger kids so hide eggs accordingly.
– In previous years the outer areas were for the older hunters and the baseball field was reserved for the younger hunters (toddlers, babies,etc).

– watch your kids when they open the eggs. Make sure what is inside them is appropriate for your kid.
– If hiding eggs in the baseball field, please try to make sure they are more age appropriate
– ***please do not take more eggs than you came with***

– Light rain or shine… we hide and hunt…. same time same place.
Downpour, forget about it.

This is a word of mouth event that is open to the community, but at risk of losing it’s charm and appeal if it gets too big. All welcome, but it doesn’t need to be majorly publicized. Thank you.

PHOTO: Hunting for eggs in 2012, by Bronwyn Ximm

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning: Renegade Bernal Heights Easter Egg Hunt

  1. For future reference, as many dogs frequent the park, chocolate in left behind eggs can be seriously dangerous for the dogs.

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