Neighbor Laurie Wigham’s Original Watercolors on Display at Bernal Library


Neighbor Laurie Wigham should need no interaction to in-the-know Bernalwood readers, because her terrific watercolors of scenes around Bernal Hill have brought a lot of smiles to our faces. Now some of  Neighbor Laurie’s watercolor are on display in the Bernal Heights Library.

I finally got through the Spring Break college tours and had a chance to put up those watercolors in the library. There wasn’t room for nearly as many as I would have liked to show, but you will recognize some of them.

Indeed we do!  For example:

The show is part of the ongoing series of displays in the library foyer by members of the Russellers watercolor group. Neighbor Laurie adds that the group is “open to all, and meets every other Friday downstairs in the library.”

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  1. They’re not for sale at the moment, but I am trying to get zazzle print sales set up and am working towards a show of my Bernal paintings. I will definitely announce on Bernalwood when I do! I used to teach at the Academy of Art but am now working with Rec and Park to plan some Sketching in the City classes. Meanwhile, you’re welcome to join the sketching meetup group that I run, SF Sketchers. We go out to a different location in the city every weekend, sometimes joining other groups. I don’t teach in those because I’m trying to get my own sketching done. More info at

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