Sunday: Artist Performance Will Focus on Alex Nieto Shooting


Megan Lavelle emailed Bernalwood this week to invite our community to a performance dedicated to the officer-involved shooting of Bernal resident Alex Nieto. Megan writes:

I am the Assistant Curator for Manresa Gallery, a contemporary art gallery inside St. Ignatius Church on the USF campus. This Sunday, April 13th we will be hosting a performance by artist Amitis Motevalli titled “I Speak of Shards and Pebbles.” To quote the artist:

‘“I Speak of Shards and Pebbles” uses documented accounts of recent incidents of officer involved shootings in and around San Francisco. The artist investigates how victims become dehumanized in their media portrayal. In the tradition of Iranian folklore, Motevalli finds stories by community members and the deceased’s family to create a more human depiction so the state driven narrative is not the only one accessible.’

The performance on Sunday will focus on the recent police shooting of Alex Nieto on Bernal Hill and we are hoping Bernalwood would feature the event on the blog as a way for mourners to find another outlet for their grief.

Again, the event is this Sunday, April 13th, 2014 beginning at 2:15pm inside St. Ignatius Church at the corner of Fulton and Parker in San Francisco.

PHOTO: Alex Nieto via Amitis Motevalli

One thought on “Sunday: Artist Performance Will Focus on Alex Nieto Shooting

  1. The photo credit in this should not be given to me. I have only seen this photo for the first time here on this blog. I believe it may be from a family or friend archive. It is very important to be accurate with that information. I did not know Alex and in no way want to contribute to misrepresentations since it is a the continuous chain of lies in the media that dehumanize those who were killed by police.
    I see from the photograph that Alex was full of light. I give my sincerest condolences to his family and all of his friends who are in pain over this tragedy. I hope that his beauty and light carry you through your sorrow and become joyous memories.

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