Brazen Armed Robbery on Coleridge Captured in Security Camera Video


It saddens us that crime is in our headlines right now. Yet crime is in our headlines.

A Bernal neighbor on Coleridge St. filed this report of a brazen armed robbery that took place Tuesday evening before sunset. The assault happened right across from Coleridge Neighbor’s house, which is equipped with a rather impressive security camera. The camera captured the entire thing.

Coleridge Neighbor captions the shocking security camera video (hosted via Dropbox; YouTube had problems with the format):

[On the evening of Tuesday, March 25], one of our new neighbors was mugged at gunpoint walking to his house. The victim is a new neighbor who just bought the house, so this was a horrible way to be introduced to the neighborhood. Please alert readers to stay vigilant

Ironically, we just had security cameras installed and caught the episode on video, which is now in the hands of the police. The video footage shows that at 19:07 (still daylight) two males with dark clothes and hoodies are walking down Coleridge towards Fair St. on the staircase side of the street. The victim was walking up the street on the side of the mini park. The two suspects crossed the street and one pulls out a gun, takes his bag, then the other punches him in the face, making him fall onto the stairs of the lavender building at 78 Coleridge. The robbers then ran down towards Fair St.

It is not clear if there was a getaway vehicle, but the footage also shows an old red Volvo station wagon go by directly after the attack. It all took place in under a minute, but it was very aggressive and shocking to watch. The victim was shaken, but not in need of a hospital.

I am very concerned about it and am questioning how dangerous it is to walk on our street. Luckily we have the security cameras (that I highly recommend others get ASAP), but that does not make me feel better about what happened. My heart goes out to the man and his young family. I wish I could still believe that crime like that did not happen near me.

Here is a detail of the two assailants as they entered the frame, from the video:


Finally, here’s the official summary of the incident from the SFPD Ingleside Station Newsletter:

7:00pm   Unit Blk Coleridge    Robbery
A victim walking home from Valencia Street was confronted by two suspects who cornered and surrounded him on the unit block of Coleridge Street. One of the suspects came up in front of him and pointed a Silver gun, while his accomplice stood behind the victim. The suspect with the gun then said, “Give me all your stuff”. The victim told Officers Suguitan and Vainshtok that when he saw the gun he feared for his life and handed over his wallet, money, credit cards, cell phone and laptop computer. Once he did that the suspect standing at the rear hit the victim in the face causing him to fall to the ground. A White four door sedan suddenly drove up and picked up the suspects and fled the area at a high rate of speed, last seen headed northbound on Coleridge Street. A witness who happened to be looking out her patio door saw the robbery and was able to provide the officers with further information. Report Number: 140252169

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  1. Does this have anything to do with the other incident of a Man Robbed at Gunpoint in front of his home on Ellsworth St SAME NIGHT????
    You can view story by Rob Nagle March 26 Examiner.

    • No. Well, related in that the suspects are black males. But unrelated black males. These robberies happen every day, or nearly every day, and the suspects are often black males.

  2. Thank you Cindy…I have the same question. Can the Coleridge neighbor who captured this crime on video tell us a bit about her security camera setup, its hard drive and the like? Please!

  3. Lesson learned, if you see two dudes in hoodies aggressively crossing the street, run. Scary, I walk that way almost everyday, including at just about that time that day, could have been me or any of us neighbors, pretty sad and hope the guy is ok and not raddled too much.

  4. The video shows a red 4 door Volvo drive by. Was the white 4 door sedan mentioned in the police report parked further down the street or is this a typo?

    • I spoke with the victim. He said he saw them get into the red volvo, he had just been uncertain when he gave the police the description of a white vehicle because he was still shaken up.

  5. St. Mary’s Park has been plagued by a rash of armed robberies as well, lately. Last few months there has been an increasing number of robberies. And they are getting more and more brazen about following people home too. This is a very, very troubling trend indeed.

  6. Run away? I’m not going to out run these guys, I’m over 50. Does it make me a racist if I change my course when I see two black guys coming my way? Did anybody read Chip Johnson in the Chronicle today?

  7. One other thought is how did these two people walk to this point? If by way of Precita, Baby Blues has a bunch of cameras, if by way of Fair, Cut Creations and High Bridge Arms both have robust security cameras as well. Just a thought if the victim wanted to reach out to them, I doubt the police will do any follow-up, unfortunately.

    • Also, The Mission Clinic has cameras pointing down Mission and fair. There is VERY high likelihood another camera caught theses “gentlemen”.

      • Does the church and/or the eyeglass place on the corner of Mission and Fair have cameras? They probably would pick this up if the victims ran or had to drive down that way (especially if they got stuck at the light).

  8. “It is not clear if there was a getaway vehicle, but the footage also shows an old red Volvo station wagon go by directly after the attack.” Coleridge Neighbor

    “A White four door sedan suddenly drove up and picked up the suspects and fled the area at a high rate of speed” SFPD

  9. Note how the criminals use the topography to their advantage. Their getaway point is downhill. They split up to ensure the victim can’t run away downhill. The police should respond to these calls on the downhill side first. Criminals are generally too lazy to climb the hills; crime rates go down with altitude in the city. So the getaway car dropped them off at the top of the hill, perhaps after already sighting the target. The video should be studied accordingly for the white sedan in the 15 minutes prior (the Volvo is likely just passing through) probably heading up the hill, the front plate if there is one is potentially readable.

    The bigger concern here is whether the police care enough about these 245(a)1’s to aggressively pursue. One would hope they did. But they don’t particularly care about breaking into cars or stealing bikes. A Cortland St. store with a parking lot (ahem) filmed criminals breaking into cars parked on the lot last year and according to the manager, the police never bothered to stop by to collect the footage. One hopes they already know who the perps are from the MO.

    The internet may shame the police into having to act.

    • Literally right where this happens, Coleridge turns into a one way street – the white car couldn’t come UP the hill to drop them off (well legally, of course) so it would have to come down the street via Virginia. But if the police report is accurate (which I’m assuming it was written based on the victim’s statement, as he is seen looking down the hill as the dbags run away with his stuff), it might be worth looking at the footage to see if the white four door sedan in question was spotted shortly before this went down. I get the impression that we as citizens of Bernalwood will have to actively push the police into putting more effort into solving (and stopping) these crimes.

      • Well one thing the criminals might not be calculating is the price of gas. If they aren’t siphoning off gas, it’s possible that the small change they get stealing cellphones and laptops is just being burned up in the getaway car’s carburetor as they scope the hood. Lock your tanks.

    • The victim said he saw them get into the red volvo, he had just been uncertain when he gave the police the description.

  10. I’ve seen a four door white car several times in my area (upper Prentiss and B.H. Blvd.) often parked, although white cars seem to be common in the Mission.

    • The victim later told me he saw them get into the red volvo station wagon, he had just been uncertain when he gave the police the description of a white vehicle.

  11. I usually never use my iPhone or headphones when walking around anymore but about a month ago, about 6pm just after walking down Eugeina steps and then right turn onto Prospect, I got a text and stopped for a second to check it. There is a house with a huge weeping willow tree in front — I stopped a few feet away. I got a strange feeling as I heard a car slowly approach from behind so I looked up and they stopped in the middle of the street right across from me and rolled down their window. I couldn’t see inside the car because it was nearly dark out (before time change), but I did NOT get the feeling that they were stopping for directions and my instinct told me to get out of there. So I jogged a few feet and ran up the nearest staircase like I lived there…pretended like I was just going into my own house. They took off at a high rate of speed. This all happened in just a couple of seconds, and I’m not sure if I was a target or if this person was lost and didn’t realize how creepy they were being, but either way I no longer let my guard down even when it’s daytime.

    One more thing to note is that during the winter months, when it gets dark so early, I have a really hard time even seeing the bumpy sidewalks because a lot of homes don’t have any type of porch light on. More lighting is beneficial to walkers AND homeowners. I know the police always tell people to turn on porch lights during the winter months, but I never notice a change. Maybe if neighbors tell other neighbors?

    • sorry to hear of that experience and the one in reported in this article. Agreed on lighting and other personal safety measures. After the following information was posted to bernalwood, we bought a porch timer at Coles that turns on at sunset and off at sunrise. Hopefully it will help both our saftery just a bit and others that walk down our street. I realize that this incident happened before sunset, but both Virginia and parts of Coleridge suffer from some poor street lamp lighting and/or trees blocking the lighting. I’ve since taken the advice listed in the below link to try to be as aware of my surroundings as possible.

    • I guess my street used to pay for private security. There is an institution on my street that helped facilitate it. For whatever reason they stopped.

      If you want to have a go at a DIY camera solution. Check out He reviews tons of IP cameras you’ve never heard of and does a great job going into detail.
      Learn about POE if you don’t already know.
      Get a NAS like synology or qnap and run surveillance station. A low power solution to capturing motion 24/7.
      Make sure you get an outdoor camera with infrared lights otherwise the picture will be too dark to see anything.
      Consider a PowerLine + POE solution.
      I just wish I was better at drilling holes in my house to run cable. Makes me nervous.

      • Thanks but I don’t think a camera is going to stop these guys or their kind. Daily security, especially around Mission, Holly Park , St Mary’s and Alemany would though. Wondering if a kick starter campaign would do the trick?

    • Gross. I do not want to live in a city being policed by private security. Who do they answer to? We’ve got enough problems with SFPD not having to answer to the community. Anti-democratic much? What kind of weapons do they get to carry? I wear my hood up and walk fast. Am I going to be considered suspicious? If I’m stopped by one of your private thugs -er, security guards – what are my rights and responsibilities in terms of answering to them. Can I say “eff you” and keep walking w/o getting the crap beat out of me? Because that’s definitely what would be on the tip of my tongue if I encountered private cops in my neighborhood — where I happen to feel quite safe despite low levels of crime. You keep them in front of your house if you hire them. If they come in front of mine I’ll be asking SFPD to get the private thugs off my block.

  12. Hi all. There is a pretty affordable camera that can be placed just about anywhere that I’ve been looking into (and have used to check the surf). It’s $199 for the HD version (pretty crisp resolution)…but you do have to pay for storage if you want to go back and review (I believe it’s $99 for a week’s worth of reviewable footage…not too bad, I think). A friend just added it to their garage and he seems very happy with it. Check out the links below (and do check out their public demo cameras). The last link is the surf cam I mentioned. It allows you to view back in time as well as zoom in, etc. And, it’s all viewable via their mobile app (your camera, etc.). I don’t work for them, btw.

  13. Easy pickings in these parts. Quiet streets – people walking home by themselves from work laden with laptop, phone, other valuables, and often with their ears plugged and/or eyes on a screen and thus not aware to the 2 bad guys coming at them.

    2 bad guys “wearing the uniform.” This is why the cops stop people who fit this profile when they’re seen in neighborhoods where this type of crime tends to occur. Is this right or wrong? Does this shift our neighbors’ opinion in the same way that previous commenters have mentioned it has shifted their opinion on video surveillance? Surveillance may help catch the bad guys after the fact, but what does it do to prevent it from happening in the first place?

    I will like to state that I have no problem at all with the cops stopping guys who fit the profile of the guys in the video if they are walking through the streets of Bernal. Period.

  14. I don’t know if this is a coincidence or not, but my girlfriend and I had a run-in with a white four-door sedan a few weeks ago at around 9PM. We were coming up Folsom to Bernal Hill and this white sedan was behind us, following WAY too closely. I was going about five miles over the posted speed limit, yet they were still riding my tail. They continued until we hit the stop sign on the other side of the hill at Ellsworth/Powhattan.

    This is where it gets scary/creepy. At this point I stop – ya know, because stop sign – and they stop VERY quickly behind me, almost at the same time and still right on my tail. I look in the rear-view and see the passenger door opening. At this point I drive the hell away – ya know, because scary – and head in a direction other than toward home. The car followed us down to Cortland, then onto Cortland, and then parked when we turned South onto Andover. We, being scared and paranoid, continued to drive around for a couple of minutes to make sure they weren’t following. Once we were sure they weren’t, we headed toward home, and along the way checked the spot that the car parked… it was gone.

    Unfortunately, we couldn’t see who was in the car or even how many people were in it, but given the similarities between the car in this robbery and the one that aggressively followed us I can’t help but wonder.

    I’m very glad that I didn’t drive straight home, because who knows what might have happened.

    Stay Safe, Bernalwood.

  15. Wow. Hope the cops catch these guys.

    Definitely a better use of time/funds than shooting burrito-eating security guards to death.

    • I hope so too. But hey now, keep it on topic! This is the comment thread where people get to make baseless accusations with racist undertones, talk about the color of cars that people that live in other neighborhoods drive, decry the laziness of criminals as exhibited by their hill-direction travelling and defend/welcome backward and unjust policing tactics like racial profiling on the streets of our neighborhood!

      • Yes, please don’t decry the laziness of criminals. That was hard work! You try it! And please don’t cast aspersions on the color of cars in other neighborhoods. How about a little sensitivity, ok?? Cars in other neighborhoods have feelings too. Also, 100% agree that all of the accusations in this thread are baseless. I won’t believe that any of this actually occurred until I see photographic proof.

      • Thank you for bringing it up G. In answer to an earlier post: If you make decision and actions based on skin color alone, yes, you are being racist. There are many other characteristics about criminals that are more relevant. Study crime statistics. Interracial crime is one of the lowest categories.

        I’d also like to say that what happened to the victim is maddening, awful and unacceptable even if this were the only occurrence (please remember that as you read the following!). But the reactions in the comments here are surprising. You’d think we were in a state of seige. 1) Living in fear is not living. Nor is it necessary. There were hundreds of thousands of other people on the streets of SF who were not robbed that day. Should you be cautious? Sure. But is it possible to prevent all criminal behavior? No. If it were, I’m pretty sure we would’ve figured it out by now. But the knee-jerk solutions offered here so far are exactly the ones that are always suggested. And have been proven not to work. Fact: first decisions made under stress are often wrong and illogical. Take a minute and think. If you still believe that crossing the street whenever you see a black male approaching will keep you safe, then I won’t argue with you.

        Which brings up point # 2) Cameras and security guards who have been hired with the express directive to racially profile citizens? Really? I don’t have enough space here to cover why those are wrong, ineffective and a waste of time. Why don’t we just add in the other typical response: Everyone needs to arm themselves. That way we can shoot first, or at least have firefights in the street with every black person who walks by?

        I’ve lived in Bernal for 20 years and it has never been “nicer,” safer (or whiter) than it is now. Please don’t let one video make you live in fear. Or invite rash, ineffective and demoralizing false solutions.

        And again, my sympathy and support to the victim of this robbery. It is horrible that it happened. I hope you get justice.

  16. Very disturbing stuff. I nearly blew a gasket when I saw the robber cold cock the victim after he appeared to completely comply with the robbers’ demands. Talk about depravity. Arg! I’m getting mad all over again.

    It would be really helpful if we could get clarification on the white sedan versus the red Volvo. I’m guessing the description in the police report came from the victim, who was arguably shaken up and didn’t have time to carefully observe the get-away car. In hindsight, do victims and eye witnesses still believe the get-away car was a white sedan? Do we have any way of ruling out the red Volvo?

    • I know the victim. He didn’t remember the color of the vehicle when the police interviewed him just a few minutes after the incident and guessed it was a boxy cream or white car, but he knows that the attackers jumped into the car that passed by just as he was hit. Since the camera shows the red Volvo, it must have been the getaway car.

      • I got the same response from the victim. He said he saw them get into the red volvo, he had just been uncertain when he gave the police the description.

    • The red Volvo’s plate oddly stays dark only in the center, making me think it’s either a rare two-letter vanity plate or a dealer plate. If it’s a dealer plate, it may have been stolen off a used car lot, or perhaps the crooks are using a dealer plate to get away with not having a plate on the car. Which makes me think the Volvo may have done it.

      Odd car for crooks, you would think the “sensible shoes” types drive Volvos. But the ’88 Olds Cutlass became the gangster vehicle of choice as it was nearly bulletproof, and perhaps the crooks are using Volvos as getaway cars thinking they will better survive collisions in them during chases.

  17. Neighbor Coleridge, Is the Victim “okay?”
    Getting punched in the face so hard that you fall over kinda hurts.

  18. Attorney question. If the assaulted had turned around and shot those guys as they ran away would he/she have justification under the laws of San Francisco+California?

    • No formal law training here, but shooting an attacker in the back as they run away is likely going to land you in jail. The threat is reduced once the attacker turns and retreats.

    • Personally, I would say if they punched you *after* the robbery they have escalated the situation beyond just trying to get your stuff. I would assume they are running away to retrieve a gun and I wouldn’t hesitate to fire away. (theoretically; I don’t actual own a firearm)
      Now if I was in my home and intruders fled, then I think following them would be wrong. In that situation you have means to secure yourself and contact the police.
      On the street you presumably are stranded and at their whim.

  19. If anyone is looking for a nice budget security camera then I highly recommend the Logitech Alert. I bought a refurbished one for my apartment for <$200. I think they're $350 or so otherwise. There is also the Dropcam which is very similar.

    I even have it setup to upload to Dropbox automatically so that if my computer is ever stolen then I still have a copy of the video footage.

  20. So freaking pissed to see this happening in our neighborhood. Looks like getting security cameras is one way we can help each other out.. Be safe everyone and keep an eye out for each other .

  21. I think Cypress Video in the East Bay installs video surveillance systems in San Francisco. You’ll probably find other outfits that can do the work, but Cypress has a current California contractors license and specializes in surveillance systems.

    The cameras feed into something called an NVR, which has a hard drive and outputs for a monitor and keyboard. It saves several weeks worth of video, and the set-up should allow for snipping video segments.

    • This sounds like a good idea, because it would allow police to see where the car went. Which is more useful than just having the footage of the mugging. I also wonder if tracking devices on iphones and laptop can help locate thieves in such cases.

  22. I was thinking about it all day – the attack happened right next door to our house. I feel safe in our street since usually there are neighbors hanging out, people walking their dogs. But maybe at dinner hour the place gets more deserted and this is where the thugs like to strike. People should hang out more together.

  23. I don’t want to sound like an ass, but here’s a news flash for you all, “We Live In A City”. I think the fear pushing is way too much. Look out for one another and be smart, organize. Take a self defense class if it makes you all feel better, but stop with the spectacle critique and freebasing all that fear because that’s the vibe that just got an innocent man shot up on the hill.

      • I am the one with perspective here. Dollars to donuts he was waving his dinner in his hand. A trained security guard wouldn’t hold a taser in his hand while being confronted by cops. I really do think folks in Bernal get real small town minded and a little creepy when it comes to “the crime situation”. I’m a member if the “bernalsafe” yahoo group and I read it all the time. I get the general idea that folks sort of like getting all “up in arms” about someone looking suspicious. This is a good piece of perspective to have actually. Our culture at large is getting high on fear and so it goes here, in BernalWood too.

  24. This is very sad, but such crimes are likely not going away in Bernal, and will probably escalate.

    Thanks to its growing reputation as “the” neighborhood to move to in all of SF, people with criminal motives will flock here, since they “know” people here are likely wealthy (just stating a stereotype) and also predisposed to feeling that the area is safe (hence one’s guard may be down more than in many other neighborhoods). As we all know, however, Bernal is located right next to several crime-ridden neighborhoods whose wanna-be thieves know exactly where to go for easy pickings. It’s not Camelot–but more like the area around Mills College, attracting a certain demographic to live and another demographic to commit crimes.

    Many places in Bernal are great for walking, but concentrated foot traffic is almost non-existent, which is another great magnet for crime. Security cameras are not as good of deterrents as other people, who can prevent crime by their mere presence, and I doubt that camera footage (from 40 feet away) will produce much useable evidence.

  25. Lived on Coleridge for over 25 years. Nothing has ever happened on this street like this. Having been a victim of a mugging (16 stitches) in Rockridge area, years ago, its best to be street smart. don’t carry all your credit cards and check books with you. Always make sure you carry your keys in you hand or in a pocket and not in your purse. Always be aware of your surroundings. Please…..for those new to the neighborhood don’t get paranoid…get to know your neighbors.. especially the Latino and African American families that have lived in the neighborhood since the 1950.. We can thank the real estate industry for making our neighbor the hottest place to live. Now we have become the prey.

    • Clearly, the guy who was assaulted in the video was not alert enough to his surroundings. He doesn’t seem to notice the thieves until they confront him.

      • Let’s not blame the victim here. Coming up that stretch of the Coleridge, it’s a huge hill – he was probably trying to get his breath at that point when they crossed the street and confronted him. Even if he had noticed them coming – I’m not sure where he could have done other than run right back down the hill, which still might ended in the same results (or worse) – especially since it was two of them (with a gun) versus him.

    • The victim did nothing wrong. He was not on his phone or distracted. He was walking at a fast clip up a hill with purpose. The robbers crossed the other side of the street to get to him and surrounded him. The gunman even ran to get in front of the victim. There was nowhere for the victim to go.

      • P’shaw. He should have anticipated their moves, emptied his satchel full of marbles on the sidewalk as they chased him, not wasted time looking back as they broke their teeth on the sidewalk, cut in front of the parked cars to avoid the rounds from the lead thug’s luger, and called in an airstrike on his smartphone via speed dial & GPS to finish them off.

      • The victim was not adequately aware of his situation and didn’t notice the thieves until they confronted him directly.

    • I live a block down Coleridge from there. I agree with much of what you say, but there’s been two incidents much like this in the last 2.5 years. It is still the best damn street around, but this is not new.

  26. Living a block downhill on Coleridge, I’m sorry to say that both my husband and I experienced similarly unfortunate situations in 2011, shortly after moving here. I was cornered in my garage while taking out recycling around 8am on a Sunday morning. The guy was clearly tweaking on something and fostering aggression. When I strongly commanded he leave me alone, I was hit across the face and cursed at before he walked off, kicking my neighbors property along the way. I called SFPD once I was able to get back in my house – they found the guy lurking on the steps of a house at Coleridge & Cortland. He tried to run when he saw them apparently. Two weeks later, my husband was in Coso Park with our dog around twilight and happened to witness a woman walking up the hill on the eastern side get mugged by two guys fitting the “profile”. He yelled at them to try and help her, not knowing they had a gun, only to find it turned on him. He ducked behind a parked car and the assailants ran off towards Mission – never caught as far as we know – but SFPD was quick to respond and we had an investigator even follow-up several days later asking if any other info had been recalled since the original report… Our experience with SFPD has been a positive one and I hope that trend continues. I am truly sorry to read of more incidents on our street though… Increased patrol cars would be welcome again (what happened after our misfortunes).

  27. I’m impressed by how vigilant y’all are about keeping the Bernal neighborhood safe. I just moved to the TL and wish my neighbors had the same mindset.

  28. With sincere respect to all the commenters here, and in the spirit of a healthy debate, I’d like to express the following:

    * Getting mugged is a risk all urban dwellers take. It can happen to anyone, no matter how vigilant you are.
    •The social causes behind street crime don’t matter when it’s your ass being kicked.
    •The guy who got mugged in this incident is lucky it was just a punch in the face. Many other victims of this kind of mugging get it much worse, and are sometimes killed, despite the fact that they comply with the muggers’ demands.
    •The uniforms worn by the assailants are a de-facto gangster uniform. Part of why they wear the uniform is it makes it much harder to be identified, “they all look the same to me.”
    •The overwhelming majority of SF citizens of all ethnicities and persuasions are normal law-abiding citizens just like you & me. This is really important to realize. However, the majority of street crimes are committed by people with certain age/racial characteristics. That is why 2 african american guys walking through parts of a neighborhood that are not african american, with their hoods pulled up, “looking suspicious”, should be stopped by the police. Sure, maybe these guys were walking over to Cut Creations on Mission for a haircut. With their hoods up. OK, maybe so. That’s a judgement call. Which leads me to:
    •If you have any friends or relatives who are police officers in SF, talk to them. Ask them who the “bad guys” in SF are. They all know who the bad guys are. They would do a much better job stopping the bad guys before they do the kind of shit that you all just watched on that video if we would all get real and let them do their jobs. They are not the bad guys, Bernal residents! They are not the ones coming to kick your ass and take your stuff away from you. But there are people who want to and will. So who will protect you and how?

    There are no easy answers to any of this. But, as I’ve stated before, if I see guys like the guys who were shown in the video walking around the street here, I am calling the police, and I hope you do the same.

  29. My family and I are deeply saddened by the assault and robbery that occured. The response that followed in this thread is also troubling. While we circle the wagons to find solutions to safely coexist, raciscm is not only celebrated in this thread but also quietly accepted by those who chose not to speak up against it.

    To anyone reading this, this thread is not our community.

  30. Pretty shocking to see this – it happened sooo quick. Hard to know if this was simply a crime of oppty for these guys or if they knew people would be returning home from work at this time and chances were good to pick someone off. The arrival of the car so quick on the heels of it makes me think they were working the neighborhood prior to this poor man’s arrival or that the car was sitting at the top of the hill just waiting. Want to point out too that the Volvo is burgundy and not red as well in case Bernal residents are keeping their eyes peeled. I would guess it was stolen though and likely already ditched – thugs don’t typically drive Volvo station wagons with bumper stickers.

    • Yes, it is unlikely it was an aging hippy driving the Volvo 😉
      Since the victim got off a Tech bus, I am guessing the perps followed him, drove around the block and premeditated everything. Maybe even cased out the stop for a day or two. Like a shark not wasting their energy on small prey, any half smart criminal will choose a crime with the most favorable risk/reward ratio. Somebody getting off a tech bus is very likely to have possessions of value on them, and attacking them half way up a steep hill ensures the victim will be tired, and offers an easy escape route by running down the hill.

  31. Again: it is despicable what happened to the victim in the video. My deepest sympathy to him.

    The video should inspire caution. Life itself should inspire caution and awareness. But it should NOT inspire fear, racism and paranoia. It is not a common, or typical, or statistically significant experience.

    FACTS to learn and remember:

    1) Crime has been on a steep decline nationwide for the last 20 years.

    2) Over 90% of violent crimes are INTRA-racial. Less than 10% are INTER-racial.

    3) You are MUCH more likely to be the victim of violence perpetrated by someone you know than by a stranger.

    If you don’t believe these facts, you are in company with the majority of Americans. And you are wrong. Read them again. Memorize them.

    Some of the comments on this thread remind me of the garbage I heard growing up in the Deep South. It is shameful (but not surprising) to read comments proudly declaring their authors’ racism. It is shameful that anyone still believes that racial profiling has ANY positive effect whatsoever.

    Fear and ignorance don’t prevent crime.

    PS -Let’s stick to facts instead of feelings and in the process cast an even wider net. Let’s REALLY do something to keep ourselves safe. Let’s get worked up and go after the demographic that commits 90% of violent crimes. Ninety percent! They are easy to identify, too!

    They all possess a Y chromosome.

    So how do we get these Bad Guys out of our neighborhood?

    • Stats are a funny thing. Sheep typically believe what they are told or something they are asked to repeated over and over. A freethinker will ask a question and dig deeper be skeptical. Not that I don’t trust your stats, I actually do. If one were to dig deeper it might actually discredit your entire point. The reason why, two words, gang violence. I am sure the INTRAracial crime rate in Hunters Point and in the Alemany Projects is much higher than 90%.

      The United States has a massive gang violence and fatherless homes problem. So when you throw out your 90% number it is obviously very shallow.

      Now look what I can do with stats(except I’ll provide support):
      90% of INTERracial crime is black on white. #sorrynotsorry

      Their sources:
      Federal Bureau of Investigation, Crime in the United States
      Bureau of Justice Statistics, Criminal Vitimization
      Bureau of Justice Statistics, Sourcebook of Criminal Justice
      Federal of Investigation, Hate Crime Statistics

      Sometimes political correctness can get you mugged(or killed).

  32. The way people spout stats and defend criminals on blogs has always been mind boggling to me. “You live in a city and they can be dangerous”, “don’t profile people – that’s racist, so trust everyone”, “crime has been going down steadily for years”, “inter-racial crime is very rare”. Get over yourselves and your “I KNOW BEST” attitudes. Hope you’re never a victim of a crime…truly, but if you are, enjoy those stats and the sense of comfort, safety and well-being they give you… Safety is a basic right. Apologizing for criminals and blaming victims is disgusting. It’s become all to “San Francisco” and certainly not the San Francisco that many claim it is, with open minded discussions and productive discourse. The victim got off a “tech bus” – so it’s fair to assault him… As pointed out, there’s a reason perps wear dark hoodies and it ain’t to stay warm. People just don’t give a living crap about each other around here anymore and this is just one of the more severe ways that it’s shown. Some do and it’s awesome, but many just hide behind their computers and spew all kinds of stats that don’t have anything to do with real people and how violence like this effects a community.

  33. Did someone blame the victim? That’s disgusting. Did someone apologize for, or excuse the criminals? Also disgusting.

  34. Coleridge neighbor here (ever wonder who painted the Giants theme?) and am part of Please join so we can all pitch in with communications. My wife and I call non-urgent SFPD just about every week for suspicious activity in the mini-park and please join in if you see anything suspicious. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and hopefully we can increase foot patrols.

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