UPDATED: Explosion, Fire in Bayshore Alarms Bernal Neighbors



Details are just beginning to stream in, but a massive explosion and fire in the Bayshore District has created huge plumes of smoke visible over Bernal Heights. The SFFD is responding a three-alarm blaze at an auto body shop on the 2100 block of Jerrold Avenue.

UPDATE: KCBS reporter Doug Sovern says the fire took place at the Luxor Cab facility:

The SF Appeal just published their story:

1:15 PM: A three-alarm fire has destroyed a service garage for a cab company in San Francisco’s Bayview District, fire and company officials said today.

The fire, reported at 11:53 a.m., has been contained but not fully extinguished as of shortly after 1 p.m., fire department spokeswoman Mindy Talmadge said.

The blaze caused the roof to collapse at the building, which was still smoldering this afternoon, Talmadge said.

Charles Rathbone, assistant manager with Luxor Cab Co., said the fire destroyed a service garage on Upton Street that the company used for maintenance and repairs.

“It’s a total loss,” Rathbone said.

He said all employees inside the building escaped without any injuries.

However, he said, “We lost a bunch of cars in there, including a beautiful 1938 Plymouth we had hoped to showcase as part of our history.”

Luxor was one of the city’s first cab companies, operating since 1928.

“It’s nothing that money can’t fix,” Rathbone said of the fire.

Neighbor Steffi saw this view from outside her home:


This photo by Monique Soltani shows how dramatic the smoke looked, even from Mission Street:


Bernalwood contributor Joe Thomas captured this remarkable video from his east-facing observation post:

PHOTOS: Top, Tom Saffell. Aerial photo by KTVU. Fireball by Neighbor Steffi. View from Mission, Monique Soltani

9 thoughts on “UPDATED: Explosion, Fire in Bayshore Alarms Bernal Neighbors

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  3. Curious why this area is called Bayview? I thought Bayview was further east to 3’rd St.
    What ever happened to the old name Butchertown?

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