Victims Identified, Owner Devastated in Aftermath of Fatal Accident on Cortland


Neighbor R contacted Bernalwood to find out if the Bernal community can somehow assist the families struggling to recover from last week’s fatal accident at Galaxy/CGI Granite on Cortland. To assess their needs, he visited the facility over the weekend:

Just spoke with the owner’s wife, who is visibly shaken. Here’s what she told me:

Her husband, the owner, is at home today, apparently he’s been sitting on the floor in a corner crying all night. He’s been repeating “they were my brothers”

The manager Philip was one of the victims, a long time employee who the owner gave a second chance to hiring him when he got out of jail for something years ago. He has no wife or children. She said “they were buddies” and mimed an arm around him…

Second victim was another longtime employee, with grown children. “Also buddies,” she said. Also told me they have workman’s comp and life insurance policies etc, so that should take care of survivors for the time being.

Left my name and number as well as the Bernalwood blog url, told her to pass on to her husband and if he wanted to talk or share anything with the neighborhood to call me, but no pressure if he didn’t want to. Also passed on the neighborhood’s condolences. Doesn’t sound like fundraising is necessary, at least at this point.

The San Francisco Chronicle has identified the victims as Hector Vazquez, 46, of Oakland, and Philip Marich, 53, of South San Francisco. The Chron also notes:

Meng Peng, the owner of Galaxy Granite, was in the container when the accident occurred. He said earlier that one of the victims insisted he could handle a slab on his own just before the load toppled over, trapping the men.

PHOTO: Accident scene on Friday, via KTVU

6 thoughts on “Victims Identified, Owner Devastated in Aftermath of Fatal Accident on Cortland

  1. Oh goodness.

    My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Philip (we think — could there be two people with that name who appeared to be managers at GGI?) while we were shopping for a countertop. It is very sad to hear that he has passed. He seemed kind and diligent.

    We heard helicopters on Friday and now we know the sad conclusion. How sad.

    • There was a Phil in the main sales office(owner with his wife) and the Phil that was killed worked on Cortland in the granite finishing warehouse.

  2. Such a terrible accident. Much sympathy & prayers go out to both men’s families and, the entire staff at the Granite Company. Terrible loss. RIP

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