Your Bernal Heights Crime Report for January 2014: Yearly Crime Trends, Traffic Tickets, and It’s Still Robbery Season


Neighbor Sarah, your invaluable volunteer Bernal Heights crime reporter, attended the SFPD Ingleside Community meeting on January 21, and she filed these  summary notes on the latest Bernal Heights crime trends. (Many many many thanks, Sarah!!) Read on, read carefully, and stay safe:

Notes from Ingleside Community Meeting, 1/21/14

Captain Falvey presided.

He handed out the December and 2013 (Whole Year) Compstat page – attached. The district has averaged 11 homicides a year – there were 8 in 2013.

Robberies ended up being up only 2% for the year, which is remarkable because earlier in the year, when robberies were rampant, we were at one point up 72% vs. the prior year. There was a big drop in Q4 vs. 2012, but in January, robberies seem to be taking off again. Multiple crews appear to be involved. They are focusing their plainclothes officers in areas where the robberies have been occurring and have been getting tips from community members. They are also seeking help from the Violence Reduction Team from downtown.

Captain Falvey looked at past robbery statistics. Before 2013, the average was 441/year. In 2013, we had 393. Robberies are getting more violent, however. The chief wants to lower all felonies in 2014 (I didn’t catch by what %).

Property crimes are up 33% since the pre-2011 average. 2011 is when “realignment” began – ie, releasing certain people from state prison. SF has received 650 people released from state prison since then.

Violent crimes were up 1% (citywide, they were up 11%), and property crimes were up 7% (citywide, 12%). The station made 752 felony arrests, up 26% vs. 2012.

Burglaries – average 42/month. On page for mid-20s this month.

Ingleside wrote 8941 traffic citations in 2013, second-highest in city. This correlates with SFPD staffing (ie, goes down when there are fewer cops). The focus in 2014 is pedestrian safety. “Focus on the Five” means police focus on five most dangerous intersections and five most often-implicated violations in collisions (e.g., running red light). Using word “collision” vs. “accident” in vehicle/pedestrian cases. 32% of Ingleside citations in 2013 were in Focus on the Five areas. District has 20% of all intersections in city. Goal is to increase tickets by 10% in 2014.

Also conducting education campaigns for pedestrians, motorists, cyclists. SFSAFE has developed flyers with details on violations and fine amounts. Our district had a fatal ped/vehicle collision on 12/31 – an elderly man struck by pickup. Driver arrested.

Capt. Falvey underwent “active shooter” training led by the SFPD SWAT team in Jan. at 3rd and Evans. Whole department is going through it.

Still focused on preventing robberies, auto theft, and auto boosts.

Bike thefts – look for people wearing headlamps – suspicious unless they are out biking.

Look for cars slowing down when they see pedestrians (ie, scouting for robbery victims)

Scam going around that you need to get a prepaid card and provide PIN because your relative didn’t show up for jury duty – don’t fall for it.

You can look up Compstat for whole city at

ALERT – Auxiliary Law Enforcement Response Team – looking for new volunteers to get certified, must be NERT-certified first


Ingleside District Gun Buyback – April 5 – Budget of $50K+, location will be in Vis Valley/Sunnydale area

National Night Out – August 5 – at Police Academy in Diamond Heights (should be a great & fun venue)

Crime stats (Click to enlarge):


PHOTO: Top, Telstar Logistics

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  2. Wonder why the tenderloin shooting that became a police chase through the city ending near precita didn’t garner more media attention. Two were caught but two were still wanted.
    That weekend and days proceeding I couldn’t find any media coverage.

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