Suspected Drunk Driver Hits Pedestrian on Mission at 30th

accident. mission st/30th


There was a lot of police activity on Mission at 30th Street on Friday night. The SF Chronicle carries the awful story:

A driver was arrested on suspicion of DUI Friday night after he allegedly struck a pedestrian at a San Francisco bus stop, leaving her with life-threatening injuries, a police spokeswoman said.

Police believe the driver collided with a 35-year-old woman at a bus stop at Mission and 30th streets around 8:10 p.m., San Francisco police Sgt. Danielle Newman said.

The woman was taken to a hospital where she is being treated for injuries that are believed to be life-threatening, the sergeant said.

“She will probably have quite a long recovery,” Newman said.

The sergeant said the driver, identified as 45-year-old James Bell of San Francisco, was arrested on suspicion of DUI causing injury and a hit-and-run.

PHOTO: Mission at 30th on Friday night. Top, by William McLeod via MissionLocal. Below, by Laura Helen Winn.

10 thoughts on “Suspected Drunk Driver Hits Pedestrian on Mission at 30th

    • I think you mean that you hope the DA’s office prosecutes to the fullest extent allowed by law. Word on the street (Twitter) is that this was that the woman had very horrific injuries, and I hope we can find out more about her and offer to help her in her recovery.

      • Indeed. SFPD would seem to be the first step though in gathering evidence, but yes, basically I’m sick of folks being killed by cars and seeing little action. They’re not accidents when they keep happening and we can reduce their impact. Just listening to KQED’s segment right now ( about a child killed by the Uber driver…

    • Ben – Do not always believe everything that is posted. This is my aunt and she is 53 years old. She was sitting at the bus stop while waiting for the bus to come. This guy Tboned another vehicle and then proceeded to fled up mission street. Her injuries are beyond horrific. They had to amputate both her legs as he destroyed beyond repair. She is still in the ICU fighting for her life. This guy was out on parole driving down the street when for no apparent reason he decided to crash into the bus stop. Get your facts straight before posting nonsense.

      • I thought a bomb had gone off when I heard the impact and was a couple of blocks away (off Cortland). I went down to assist (as EMT) and medics were already loading her into the ambulance when I arrived. How is she doing, Karen?

  1. Even though he nearly killed a woman I suspect little or no jail time with spineless DA Gascon. A 24 yo woman with a BAC of 0.23 kills a Chinese visitor in front of his family and then flees the scene. Apparently a criminal justice student too who screamed “I know my rights! Why the f*** you searching my car?” Four years in prison but gets a strike too so two more chances to kill someone when she gets out in a couple of years for good behavior. Be careful out there..

  2. I’m shock to hear this sad news. I’m also 35 years old women and I was hit by a drunken driver two years ago on the same intersection. I survived with bad injury to my right leg. I was dragged for about 100 ft and left in the middle of the street. They caught him eventually but since nobody could ID him, he was let go. I hope that this poor women recover soon and I wish her all the best!!

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