Deli Pub Clean-Out Leaves a Bocana-Sized Mess


It’s not clear at this point who now controls the space formerly occupied by the lost, lamented Deli Pub. But over the weekend several neighbors grumbled to Bernalwood about the huge mess left on the street during the current Deli Pub clean-out.

Neighbor Jean, who shared the photo above, writes:

In this day and age of public airing – we neighbors on Bocana are disgusted. Since the new owners took over the Deli Pub, they have been leaving garbage out for hours at a time. But this last dump from clearing out was over 24 hours, and during the night folks added to it and broken glass and old food – a real health hazard in so many ways. The worst part of it is actually behind those bins. It finally got cleaned up mid- morning (Saturday) after being there since Friday.

Rent a dumpster like everyone else and do it the right way.

May your pastrami sandwiches NEVER taste as good as Imad’s.

Karma is a B&^#H!

13 thoughts on “Deli Pub Clean-Out Leaves a Bocana-Sized Mess

  1. I think it’s the ‘free stuff’ mentality. Put it out on the street and see how much stuff other people take away and then we won’t have to take so much to the dump.

  2. I personally do not know what the ownership situation for the property is. I would just say we do not know if it is the new tenant who will set up shop there that is dumping or the owner of the building looking to clean it out to re-lease it. That being said I will not prejudge the new business owner who will I assume go out of their way to foster good will with the community.

  3. Call 311, the service request will get routed to the appropriate city agency to take action, happened near me not long ago

  4. I think it should have been done better out of respect for the previous owner and for the neighbors. I hope they have the excuse of being young and….

  5. I did score two pounds of still frozen, still good pastrami that was left out. Disturbed to see the rodent feces covering the restaurant supplies and kind of glad I never ate there.

  6. Folks, I don’t write this to be snarky, but I fear this entertaining blog is in danger of devolving into a forum for complaints over the somewhat annoying, but ultimately inconsequential realities of living in a dense, vibrant city. So the free pile at the deli was a little messy and may have lasted a few days longer than we’d like. Or the nice guy that parked his bus on Bernal Hill was technically violating the parking regulations. Or somebody hit your Porsche parked on the street. I mean come on, does any of this stuff really matter? Did you move to SF to constantly grumble over this petty stuff? At times the comments remind me of the local newspaper in the small Iowa town where my grandparents grew up, albeit with an affluent twist. But this isn’t a small town. And many of us love big cities because there’s an element of anonymity in them. I feel like these nosy neighbor posts are starting to detract from the blog and feel a little creepy.

  7. I got some really nice old terracotta flowerpots. Their new home is on the porch of the earthquake shack further down on Cortland!

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