“Breakfast with Enzo” Returns to the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center


After all the awkwardness and thinly veiled acrimony, they managed to work it out. Now, Bernalwood is pleased to share the news that Breakfast with Enzo has returned to the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center for his weekly Saturday show, beginning tomorrow,  Saturday, January 11.

Children of all ages rejoice:

Enzo Garcia and Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center (BHNC)
are pleased to announce the continuation of
Breakfast with Enzo every Saturday from
10AM to Noon for $6 per person at
BHNC’s multi-purpose space at 515 Cortland Avenue.
The first show of 2014 will take place this Saturday, January 11th.

Enzo Garcia and BHNC are committed to working together to ensure that the community continues to enjoy Breakfast with Enzo. We appreciate everyone’s understanding while working on a mutually beneficial way to continue the performances.

As a recent member of BHNC, Enzo is providing time for Rachel Ebora, BHNC Executive Director, to speak briefly about BHNC and how we as a community can help the organization achieve its mission to preserve and enhance the ethnic, cultural and economic diversity of Bernal Heights and surrounding neighborhoods.

For more information or to become a member, please visit bhnc.org and when you join up please send an email to enzogarcia@earthlink.net with “JOINED BHNC” in the subject field.

See you at show, and thank you for supporting your community.

Enzo Garcia and Rachel Ebora/BHNC

PHOTO: via Yelp

One thought on ““Breakfast with Enzo” Returns to the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center

  1. Really happy to see this resolved. If you donated don’t forget to let Enzo/BHNC know that you joined/donated to BHNC to support Enzo.

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