Real Estate Report: Bernal Home Sales Average $1.16 Million


The real estate people at Downing & Company just compiled one of their spiffy summaries of Bernal Heights home sales, and the monthly report for November shows that single-family home prices have leveled off, with the average home going for $1.16 million:

Last month 12 homes sold in this neighborhood at an average sale price of $1,163,250. 8 of the 12 homes sold for more than $1 million. It looks like home prices have more or less stabilized in Bernal Heights. For the last 7 months the average home price has clocked in at roughly $1 million.

With more buyers than sellers in the market the pace of sales remained quick. The homes that traded hands last month were on the market for an average of 27 days before going under contract.

Read the original item for a home-by-home breakdown of the sales shown in the image above.

Meanwhile, for all you fans of seasonal Year In Review roundups, Downing also links to this monthly summary of 2013 Bernal Heights single-family home sales trends:


IMAGES: Downing & Company

19 thoughts on “Real Estate Report: Bernal Home Sales Average $1.16 Million

  1. I know it’s horribly car-centric of me to say so (I like cars!), but the notion of paying $1.5M for a house without a garage is mind-boggling.

    • You’d be surprised how many homes there are in SF without a garage. We found this out when looking for a home in the early 80s then again in early 2000. It is amazing for sure; especially with the ridiculous prices now!

  2. waiting…. waiting for the thread to erupt (as usual) into a discussion that results in me commenting about the laws of supply and demand…

  3. “It looks like home prices have more or less stabilized in Bernal Heights.” Wat? The summary right below this passage shows that the November average is among the highest monthly jumps of the year, as well as the highest average price overall. Am I missing something?

      • noemonkey: what miggy says is actually relevant to the subject. what you say is snarky, troll-like and not directly relevant to the real estate market in bernal heights. whats with the rudeness?

      • Thanks J!
        Stop the hateraide old men,nsfw/mokney toolbag. Cant wait till one of you comes begging for the house when it hits market. As one of the few who were born in the area, still lives in the area, you two can put your lips around your prius tail pipes and blow… troll

      • there is nothing worse than the i was born here entitlement. i can’t really help where my parents chose to live when i was dependent on them. I moved to san francisco as soon as i graduated from high school and worked my way through college if that makes me any better in your eyes. I’ve been here for 22 years.
        I’ve just moved to bernal this year and it wasn’t my first choice. i’m only living here because it’s the only neighborhood we could afford that’s still partially safe.
        22 years ago i would have never considered living here. i visited friends in the hood and it seemed run down. the public housing on army didn’t help either.
        i welcome the changes in the hood and hope they keep progressing. i would like a music venue on cortland, a starbucks(agast!), a burger joint, a movie theater. i want to feel like i live in a city. otherwise what’s the point? other than saying you still live in the same place you grew up, why not just move to Albany and dream about the old days?
        i don’t see what 1955 home prices have anything to do with the current prices. the biggest jumps in real estate have occurred between 1999 and now. everything in sf has doubled or gone up even more.

        ps. i drive a V8 engine but i would have prefered to take a subway if people would have allowed more public transit development in 1955.
        if i had an electric or hybrid, the tail pipe might not be so dangerous actually.

  4. FML! Proving once again that San Francisco is where wealthy people move to play “I’m middle living in a tiny bungalow” and the rest of us just go to hell.

    • Actually, you’re looking at a listing of the most expensive houses. I can assure you if I sold my house it would be around $600-$700k. A lot of the houses in the area, those without views for example, sell for less.

      • Another consideration: What percentage of Bernal homes have sold in the past five years? Ten years? We see all of these headline sales figures, but if 75% of the houses on the hill are in the same hands they were in ten years ago, how much has the neighborhood really changed?

        Can anyone shed some light on this?

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