New Mural Contrasts Bernal Heights, Then vs. Now


Neighbor Mark noticed a new mural by Precita Eyes that appeared recently on Alabama Street, just north of Precita.

On the left side of the mural, there is a late 20th century vision of 24th Street and Bernal Hill. The York Theater is open on 24th, while two humans chat on the sidewalk.


On the right side, there is a newer view of the same scene. The York cinema has become Brava Theater, and the groovy sidewalk people are replaced by a bus. Bernal Hill is consumed by a curling wave of dollar bills, as a giant corporate hand clutches at the pile of money.


One clear moral of this story: We should not turn people into buses. 

PHOTO: Mark Pritchard

16 thoughts on “New Mural Contrasts Bernal Heights, Then vs. Now

  1. Huh? So the most pregnant symbol of ruthless corporate takeover in the neighborhood as suggested by the “modern” half of the mural is…the Brava Theater?

  2. Who in their right mind would be against a mountain of money? I would Scrooge McDuck the hell out of that wave. #Beautiful

  3. This is factually wrong. The “old” hilltop radio tower is missing the large AT&T microwave dishes that were all over the sides of it. This view of the tower is from sometime around 2005, when those old large dishes had been removed.

  4. Ugly mural. It definitely is a blight. What exactly has Precita Eyes done to improve/upgrade the neighborhood? Too bad the property owner was talked into putting this dreck on their building.

  5. No comment from me about the message, but what has happened to Precita Eyes! The older murals (e.g. on the Women’s Building on 18th) are so incredibly creative and well done. Their newer murals look like middle school art projects.

  6. Dissapointimg in how crass it is without being the least bit clever.

    Case in point: the Muni bus where people once stood. That doesn’t have nearly the power or wit than the suggestion above about a Google Bus. It would then imply that Bernal has become a bedroom community for the tech-workers. As it stands, you get what–? People taking public transit?

    The giant hand and wave of cash… Just simply over scaled and over-representing a phenomenon.

  7. Beyond an eyesore…simply UGLY! I thought when I left a 3rd world country I also left behind this kind of “art” too! Let’s have wild donkey’s and para-military, army combat soldiers with machine guns & machetes drive around the neighborhood while we are at it. Oh, and the hand grabbing the money, that is soooooo artistic it just takes my breathe away, I mean seriously, I bought in Bernal years ago when it was ghetto and cheap. I picked the nicest house on a shitty block, put in a lot of blood, sweat & tears and now I am suppose to feel bad that my $165K investment is now worth $1.4 million…NO,NUNCA, NEVER, SORRY I DO NOT FEEL BAD…IT’S CALLED PROGRESS! I am so tired of all the complaining about Bernal Heights home prices, if you cannot afford Bernal then go start the gentrification of the Hunters Point-Bayview…unless that is too dark for you or move to Modesto and buy a new house for $190,000 and guess what in ten years it will be worth $191,000. You want me to call you an Wha-Bulance???

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