Bernal Author Publishes New Science Fiction Story


Considering that the highest point in Bernal Heights is dominated by a Space Age antenna array used to transmit microwaves, it’s surprising that the Bernal Heights literary scene is not known for its homegrown science fiction. But Neighbor M. Luke McDonell of Precitaville is doing her part to put Bernal on the sci-fi map.

Her new ebook is called The Perfect Specimen:


Dr. Derek Singh is sure that one of planet Victoria’s millions of venomous insects holds the key to destroying cancerous tumors–and jumpstarting his stalled career.

Unfortunately, the traps he sets each night capture nothing but dust, and his competitive colleagues don’t share the venom they’ve collected. The clock is running down on his two-year grant and he’s making no progress.

When his young neighbor–one of the few native-born children–finds out he studies “bugs,” she is eager to bring him all the specimens he needs. Derek worries she’ll be bitten or stung, but soon discovers Mia is in danger from a far larger predator–the corporation that funds him.

You can download The Perfect Specimen from Amazon for just 99 cents. (Sorry, no Bitcoin please.) But if you need convincing before parting with your hard-earned dollar, know that the reviews on Amazon are strong:

This short story by new Sci-Fi author M. Luke McDonell shows us a glimpse of an interesting and well thought out future world. A fun story with a satisfying end, it left me wanting more stories in this universe.

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