Heartfelt Introduces Citywide Delivery Service via Newfangled Electric Bike


Miss Darcy from Heartfelt on Cortland wrote Bernalwood to give us the scoop on Heartfelt’s new online store and the eco-sexy bicycle delivery service that will support it around town:

Heartfelt is proud to announce the launch of their online store and accompanying bike delivery service within San Francisco.  Our goal is to offer folks an alternative to the sometimes bland online shopping experience of larger companies.  We offer a unique selection of gifts with a personal flair.  [Unsure what to get an acquaintance or even a close friend? Email Darcy Lee at darcysheartfeltpix*at*gmail.com and she will personally send you 3-4 recommendations to choose from.]

We think of this launch as a Bernal collaboration of local business. The bike itself was purchased at the electric bike shop The New Wheel, and Heartfelt will be offering gift boxes from fellow Bernal vendors such as Succulence, Little Bee Bakery, Paulie’ s Pickling, and Anda Piroshki.

Wave if you see us delivering around town!

PHOTO: via Heartfelt

12 thoughts on “Heartfelt Introduces Citywide Delivery Service via Newfangled Electric Bike

  1. EXACTLY! This is the way small businesses make it in the world; they have to offer uniqueness, especially a personal touch. I’ve bought many trinkets from Heartfelt over the years, especially for women friends who can be difficult to buy for.

  2. Seriously always thought that Heartfelt could not get any cooler, and now this. Congratulations on the online store and awesome delivery service Darcy, I am sure we will continue to buy the majority of our special gifts there. I also like the Darcy’s Pix, both for the unique service it provides and also because the name reminds me of KenFlix – from the Four Star Video days.

  3. Good for Heartfelt! I was a bit disappointed, though, when my dad was in town over the summer, looking for a Bernal-themed souvenir (t-shirt or something) that Heartfelt didn’t have anything. Maybe that’s been remedied already, but if not, might I suggest carrying Amos Goldbaum’s Bernal design t-shirts? Sutro Tower has become a popular design element, but Sutrito needs love too.

    • I second Bernal themed t-shirts!

      And related: Anyone know what happened to the baseball script Bernal shirts that used to be available somewhere in the hood? I missed the opportunity to pick one up, and am reminded that I still want one when I see a someone in the neighborhood in one.

  4. Thanks for all you sweet words, wish us luck. We have so many new ideas sprouting now at Heartfelt …as for tees, sorry HF has been lacking in that department. They were always a shop lifting issue and I made an executive decision not to carry them any more.

  5. I have this dream that the BHNC could sell Bernal Tees and sweats in the little storefront where they sell 2nd hand stuff. Maybe 3 or 4 artists renditions. I think it would be a great constant fundraiser.

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