Kinfolk Restaurant Pops Up for Dinner in 903 Cortland

Photographs of Lot 7, a seafood restaurant in San Francisco, Calif.


903 Cortland decided to end dinner service recently, but a new chef, Neighbor Greg Lutes, has stepped in to fill the void.  Neighbor Greg has launched a bumping new pop-up dinner restaurant called Kinfolk that’s open Thursday to Saturday from 5:30 to 10 pm. Bernalwood asked him to tell us all about it:

I moved to California 7 years ago from Chicago. I’ve lived in Bernal for 18 months over on Bronte street. Kinfolk is all about local ingredients, interesting wine and community.

I most recently was chef at a now closed Lot 7 in the Mission. I have worked with chefs Daniel Boulud, Jean Joho, Gerard Parrat, and my culinary focus has a French lens as a base. I focus on seasonal produce and then work from there.

I shop the farmers markets for my weekly menus and source out all natural meats, organic chicken and sustainable seafood that is mostly locally caught. The menu has some unique items like Uni Creme Brûlée.

I am also proud to be pouring Bryan Harrington’s wines — he lives in Bernal — with blend of variables called Secateur on the list.

One of the things that makes my restaurant unique is that I can ‘t get into the space until 3pm when lunch winds down at 903 so its a race against the clock to make it to the 5:30 opening. I am on OpenTable, to make it easier for diners to get a table.

Here’s the latest menu, from the Kinfolk website:


PHOTOS: Kinfolk

15 thoughts on “Kinfolk Restaurant Pops Up for Dinner in 903 Cortland

  1. This looks great! I’m eager to try. I was a fan of Lot 7 until they changed the menu! Glad you’re my neighbor and we will try on Thurs!

      • What about choice? Maybe some budgets allow for splurging on dinner every once in a while. There is probably a local who can afford to eat here every night and then there is someone else who could never afford to eat at kinfolk.
        Personally I’m for ten more high end restaurants with chefs that trained with other respected chefs. I’m for ten more every day family restaurants as well. I’d like to see more high end organic markets as well as someone selling fruits from a cart standing on the corner.
        There is so much “dead space” on Cortland that we should welcome anyone who is trying hard to start a small business. Looks like the proprietor is sourcing local whenever possible. To me this fits in perfectly with the local flavor.
        Ultimately the market will decide.

      • I agree with nsfw’s comments. I have nothing but respect and admiration for anyone, especially our fellow neighbors, who has the passion and resources to start a business that contributes to our community. What does it mean to be the right “fit” for the neighborhood? I thought Bernal Heights was pretty accepting of everyone.

  2. I have to say, sadly, was not at all impressed with Lot 7. Abd, for some reason, we’ve just not absorbed Sandbox and offspring into our routine. That said, some of this stuff looks interesting to me, but likely put-offish to the hubs; palate. It’ll go on the “To Try” list after Bernal Supper Club, though– yes, that’s how late to the game we are, having a 7-month-old in tow these days.

  3. Menu looks great. Yay for another nice restaurant on Cortland.
    On my wish list: A decent Chinese restaurant (the place across from
    the library is horrible), a Barney’s type burger place, and a “Toast”
    restaurant. Please Please! Would love to spend my money
    in Bernal 🙂

  4. Looking forward to try Kinfolk; the menu looks wonderful. 903 Cortland is awful; no service to speak of; food mediocre. Sandbox Bakery is excellent.
    Have gone to Hillside Supper Club many times; always a good time; excellent food; welcoming service. The Precita Park area has become the place to go; good to see after being blighted for so long. Nothing there for many years.
    Living in Bernal Heights for 13 years, it would be great to see the Cortland Ave corridor improve. There is too much empty space, schlock businesses, rundown storefronts. Barely can count on one hand the places I shop at. You’d think with the influx of educated, white collar professionals moving into the area, Cortland would have upgraded by now with more choices, better shopping options.

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