Wednesday: A City-Sponsored Meeting to Discuss the Future of Mission Street in Bernal

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In the realm of “things that are very geeky but also very important,” Miss Eden from Secession Art & Design shared news with us about a City meeting that will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, November 13, from 6 to 8 pm at Fairmount Elementary School (65 Chenery) to discuss proposed plans for the Mission Street corridor in Bernal Heights.


Miss Eden forwarded some email from Jorge Rivas Jr., the Project Manager for the City’s Invest In Neighborhoods program:

Supervisor David Campos and various City Departments, including the Office of Economic and Workforce Development’s (OEWD) Invest in Neighborhoods, SF Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) Mission and Valencia Green Gateway, SF Planning’s Mission Street Public Realm Plan, SF Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP)…

Will be present on various initiatives happing in the neighborhood of Mission Street (South of Cesar Chavez to Randall St).

Date: November 13, 2013
Location: Fairmount Elementary
Time: 6 PM to 8 PM

Our office will speak about the various efforts undertaken in the previous months and what we have heard from the community regarding economic development. Our office will be seeking more input and guidance from the community on prioritizing actions and next steps.

This is very good, and very important. As a snarky side note, it does seem odd to us that the meeting will seek “input and guidance from the community,” yet Bernalwood only found out about it via the thoughtful Miss Eden from Secession, rather than from, say, direct communication from Mr. Rivas’s or Supervisor Campos’s office. In fact, that’s not just odd; it’s totally effing ridiculous. But let us not quibble too much about that right now…

Thankfully, Miss Eden also shared a rather fascinating Neighborhood Profile study that accompanies the planning process. It contains meaty data about Bernal’s stretch of Mission Street. For example…


And this:


Got that? In 2011, there were 582 businesses along the Bernal Heights stretch of Mission Street, employing more than 5200 workers. Wow. Who knew?

The complete Neighborhood Profile study is available for download , and it’s well worth a read if you’d like to get a more granular sense of what’s going on in our Mission Street corridor. Otherwise, you’ve now been invited to attend the community meeting on Wednesday (tomorrow) evening at Fairmount Elementary.

Happy City Planning!

8 thoughts on “Wednesday: A City-Sponsored Meeting to Discuss the Future of Mission Street in Bernal

  1. Many Bernal families have their kids go to Fairmount and other schools that require them to walk from their houses in Bernal to and along Mission Street every day.

  2. Re: 5200 employees…keep in mind that half of those work at St. Lukes. They’re not just counting employees of retail businesses along Mission Street.

  3. Per this map the Trade Area border passes through my house. I’ve never seen that dotted line in my garage before.

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