Tonight: Eat at Ichi Sushi, Benefit Colorado Flood Victims


Tonight is the last night to participate in the benefit effort underway at Ichi Sushi to assist the victims of the recent Colorado flooding. Neighbor Erin from Ichi shares the annoucement:

Our hearts go out to the thousands of people in seventeen counties impacted by the recent Colorado flooding. Colorado has been home to much of the ICHI team, including our Sous Chef Erik and Sushi Chef Chris.

Come in, dine and sip and help others by having sushi with Erik and Chris. To support the victims of the flooding, we will be making a donation to the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado. In addition we will also be donating a portion of our sales on Monday, October 28th through Wednesday, October, 30th. Join us to help support the Colorado Community. Please help us help Colorado!

WHEN: Monday, October 28th-Wednesday, October 30th
ICHI Sushi
3369 Mission Street (at Godeus Street)
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 525-4750

5 thoughts on “Tonight: Eat at Ichi Sushi, Benefit Colorado Flood Victims

  1. What happened to that new Ichi location that was going to open up? Also curious what happened to that organic produce market on Cortland that had/has the teaser stuff on the windows w/ shots of the kids and eating healthy and whatnot. Are they not moving forward?

    • No news on the Cortland space. I asked the owners recently for an update, and they just sort of rolled their eyes, which (in my experience) often means permitting and inspection woes.

      • Thank you Todd. Sorry to hear about the “woes” on their end. Will be a nice addition when it does come.

        Curious if that space near the food court/incubator on Cortland will ever be rented or if that is a lost cause. It’s been vacant since it was built but I think the condos above it are rented…

  2. Hi, Ed — I’m Erin (one of the owners at ICHI). We’re expecting to open up ICHI Sushi + NI Bar across the street at 3282 Mission Street in early 2014. Our former space at 3369 Mission will then be renovated and turned into an oyster bar. Thanks for asking!

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