Gruesome Gladys Fence is Seasonally Scary



Just in time for Halloween, Neighbor John has once again created his awesome Grisly Picket Fence of Death! As we learned last year:

For the past few Halloweens, a few of us on Gladys Street have been collaborating, carving upwards of 20 pumpkins in and afternoon and then creating the “Grisly Picket Fence of Death” to display ‘em.

The fence is cute by day, and positively spooky by night. Awesome.

UPDATE: Neighbor Joyce also shares this photo of Neighbor Sharon’s frankentastic display on Highland Street:


PHOTOS: Neighbor John, Neighbor Joyce

4 thoughts on “Gruesome Gladys Fence is Seasonally Scary

  1. We want to thank Neighbor Joyce for her wonderful display. Our little ghoul is only seven months, but this being her first “International Spooky Day,” we spent more than a couple afternoons in front of her house going through the assortment of scary concepts. Wonderful!

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