Young Son of Accused Holly Park Hit and Run Driver Is Arrested for Hit and Run


On top of everything else, this is simply unbelievable:

The son of a city gardener accused of running over a woman in a San Francisco park has been arrested for leaving the scene of a collision with a bicyclist. Prosecutors have yet to decide whether to pursue the case, but 19-year-old Jonathan Burnoski was booked by police, on a hit-and-run charge.

Police said the hit and run incident happened Wednesday afternoon in the Outer Mission shortly after Burnoski left the courtroom where his father was being arraigned.

Investigators say the 19-year-old hit a bicyclist as he was making a right turn. That person was not badly injured. Burnoski lives about a mile from where the accident occurred. He was followed by a witness who then called police. He was arrested for hit and run and booked into the county jail.

ABC-7 has video coverage of the younger Burnowski’s encounter with the law.

IMAGE: Scene of Jonathan Burnoski’s alleged hit and run, on Mission at Regent, via ABC-7 video

11 thoughts on “Young Son of Accused Holly Park Hit and Run Driver Is Arrested for Hit and Run

  1. About 4 years ago, I used to workout in that basketball court next to the bathrooms with a group around 7am. I’d often see a city truck drive right up to that large container shed and a young boy and dad would climb out of the truck and go inside the container. I have wondered if this was the same dude.

    • Sure you could.

      “Ex-wife of Bernal gardner once accused of talking on cell phone in state park while driving a tank and running over baby’s head.”


      “You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried” is one of Sean Hannity’s inane catchphrases.

  2. It’s almost too much to fathom. Burkowski’s daughter died in a car accident not long ago, he kills a Ms. Svanemyer with his vehicle whlie driving recklessly in the park, and his son – returning home from the arraignment of his father – hits a bicyclist with his car. And, unfathomably, flees the scene. Oh, and don’t forget elder Burnkowski’s ticket for driving while using a cell phone. Do you think that at some point, before all this carnage, someone in that family would have grasped that cars are weapons when not carefully and properly used? Is there a genetic predisposition for this family to be incapable of driving without killing/injuring themselves or someone else. For the love of god, no one – not one person in that family – should be allowed a driver’s license ever .Thank goodness the bicyclist is OK.

  3. Leave this family alone, for God’s sake. He did a terrible thing. He was arrested and charged. His son and the rest of his family don’t deserve our scrutiny or judgement.

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