Stuffie Bear Befriends Neighbors Around Esmeralda Terrace

It’s been an ursine week in the Dominion of Bernalwood.

Although one faux stoner bear was rejected in his attempt to buy weed from the Bernal Heights Collective, another bear became the talk of the west slope after making himself at home on one of the Esmeralda terraces.

For the last several days, the Bernalwood Action News team has been deluged by a steady stream of photographs that show a large stuffed bear in various stages of repose. The first bear sighting happened early on Monday, when Neighbor Andi sent the photo you see up above.

Later on Monday, Neighbor Karen witnessed a bear coffeeklatch:


By Monday afternoon, the local children had taken an interest in the creature:


On Tuesday, Neighbor Lee caught the bear taking a nap while enjoying some light reading:


Neighbor @Valjoy9 gave him a hashtag: #bernalbear:

Neighbor Erin snapped this one on Wednesday night:


Neighbor Andrew reports the bear acquired a new wardrobe on Thursday morning:


And Neighbor Deborah says he was still there to enjoy the sunset last night:

bear.deborahAll in all this is pretty cool. But please, don’t mention any of it to Duane from Wildlife Emergency Services. Shhhhhhhhhhh.

PS: One final bit of Bernal bear news. Just a few days remain to get in on the Panda Coat Kickstarter Campaign, which also enjoys a Bernal connection. Bernal Heights furries, please take note:


6 thoughts on “Stuffie Bear Befriends Neighbors Around Esmeralda Terrace

  1. I’m sad to report that the Bernal Bear was MIA when I went outside this morning. I’m guessing that he may be living his own Sopranos-esque moment in the back of a garbage truck since today was pick up day. If anyone has seen him elsewhere, bring him back to the Esmeralda Stairway – we miss him!

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