Bernal Heights Man Found After 18 Days Lost in Forests of Mendocino

Gene Penaflor2


The story of the 72 year-old San Francisco hunter who was found on Saturday after spending 18 days lost in a Mendocino forest is generating worldwide interest, with write ups in the NY Daily News, the Washington PostCNN, and the Melbourne Herald-Sun.

He is one of our own: Bernalwood has learned that the hunter, Gene Penaflor, is a long-time resident of Andover Street in Bernal Heights. Here’s NBC Bay Area’s retelling of the tale:

A San Francisco man who was feared dead after going missing in the Mendocino National Forest for nearly three weeks survived alone in the wilderness on a diet of squirrels, lizards, frogs and snakes, his family said.

Gene Penaflor, 72, was found alive by a group of hunters Saturday morning at the bottom of a canyon about three miles from where he first disappeared while hunting.

“Basically, he ate whatever he needed to survive,” his son, Jeremey Penaflor, 31, said.

The elderly hunter was reported missing on Sept. 24, when he didn’t show up for a planned meeting with his hunting partner for lunch. On the first day of the hunt, Penaflor split up from his partner and fell, hitting his head and was knocked unconscious. When he woke up, he was disoriented and a thick bank of fog had made its way to where he was. After some time spent walking around the area, Penaflor was unable to determine which direction to travel and stopped moving.

After he was found and given a clean bill of health at the hospital in Ukiah, Penaflor returned to his family, where he watched the 49ers game on Sunday in his Bernal Heights home in San Francisco.

Woa. Welcome home, Neighbor Gene!


Hat tip: Neighbor Linda

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