Emotional Vigil in Holly Park Remembers Christy Svanemyr


Vigil for Christy Svanemyr

Vigil for Christy Svanemyr

The vigil for Christy Svanemyr that took place yesterday was sad and powerful.

Held on the very ground in Holly Park where she was killed by a Recreation & Parks pickup truck on the afternoon of Sept. 5, the vigil celebrated Christy Svanemyr’s life, mourned her passing, and reiterated calls for accountability and improved park safety.

There were six or seven TV news trucks there, and several dozen people attending the vigil — a mix of  Bernal neighbors, friends of Christy Svanemyr, and city officials.

A woman who had been a good friend of Christy spoke of the appreciation Christy brought to each moment in life. D9 Supervisor David Campos spoke movingly about the impossible difficulty of loss. Neighbor Lucy expressed quiet outrage, calling for the City to do the right thing.

Christy’s husband, Vegar Svanemyr, also spoke.

Vigil for Christy Svanemyr

Vegar said hadn’t planned to come to the vigil; He said it seemed “overwhelming.”

Yet in the end he decided to come, because he felt called to speak about his own grief, and the depth of the love he shared with Cristy. Originally from Norway, Vegar said Christy had helped teach him how to open up his heart, and that she would have wanted him to attend the vigil, and embrace the spirit of what it represented.  So he did.

His speech was halting, simple, deep, and honest.

It was heartbreaking.

Vigil for Christy Svanemyr
Supervisor Campos tells Bernalwood he will hold a hearing on Rec & Park safety practices next Thursday, October 10 10:00 am, before the Neighnorhood Services & Safety Committee, in the Board of Supervisors Chamber.

In the meantime, you can read this piece from ABC-7 for an update on how the legal case against Rec & Park employee Thomas Burnoski is developing.

PHOTOS: Vigil, by Telstar Logistics

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