Awesomeness: Todd Berman’s Bernal Hill Paintings Now Showing at Mission Pie




Neighbor Todd Berman is a moved to Bernal Heights not too long ago, and to this day he maintains good relations with his former neighbors in the Mission flatlands north of Cesar Chavez. As proof of this, Neighbor Todd has a show of his paintings on display at Mission Pie, on the corner of Mission and 25th Streeet.

Many of Neighbor Todd’s paintings depict Bernal Heights. Plus, his website contains this awesomely awesome artist statement:

Through painting and collaborative art, Todd Berman has pursued an inquiry into the awesomeness of San Francisco. The result is a series of paintings now on the wall at Mission Pie. Come to view the paintings and to share your ideas about what best represents the awesomeness of our city.

Awesome! But hurry up to check it out: Neighbor Todd’s show at Mission Pie will only be up until October 5. Also: PIE!! Enough said.

BONUS! Over on the Twitter, Neighbor Todd also shared this ridiculously awesome portrait of the Precita Park satellite spinner, to commemorate its return to service:


ALL IMAGES: Todd Berman

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