This Saturday: Duelling Block Parties in Bernal Heights!!


As you know, those extremely well-organized neighbors on Elsie Street are having their big, blow-out block party this weekend, on Saturday, September 28.

Yet as destiny would have it, some nearby neighbors on Folsom (also at Eugenia) inadvertently conspired to organize their block party on the very same day! Neighbor Rebecca from Team Folsom writes:

Just to add to the block party drama, Folsom St (at Eugenia) is holding our first ever block party on this Saturday the 28th as well!

In direct competition to the Elsie St block party, we would like to offer . . .

The Folsom Street Almost-a-Real Block Party!

– A meager selection of store-bought desserts
– Spastic toddler dancers
– A boom box playing music
– Assorted chairs and tables
– Potentially a grill!
– A sign
– A real, approved permit!
– OK, actually, we do have a bouncy house too
– The physical site where the “Folson” sidewalk square resides – one-of-a-kind!

If real entertainment, home-cooked food and energetic volunteers is all too intimidating for you, mosey on over to our almost-party and say hello!

Truth be told, both block parties are just a short, professorial stroll apart along the Eugenia axis, so this scheduling quirk is actually a clustering win for all of Cortlandia. Why choose between Elsie and Folsom? Why not just go to both???

12 thoughts on “This Saturday: Duelling Block Parties in Bernal Heights!!

  1. It was always our Elsie intention to inspire other blocks to reclaim their street for a day and throw a party. Hooray for Folsom Street! Also tomorrow afternoon, Coleridge Street between Cortland & Kingston is having a party and this Sunday, Eugenia & Wool Street. Bernal is Busting Out All Over!

  2. Hi Todd,

    I believe (until confirmed, you should consider this a rumor) that there is a block of Eugenia, somewhere between Folsom and Elsie Street, that is also having a block party – the fifth, perhaps? — On the following Sunday, the 29th.

  3. Really sorry to be missing both parties this year. We’ve enjoyed the Elsie one previously, and have always wished that our side of Bernal has one. And now it’s here! Thanks Rebecca!

  4. Yes, it’s true. There is yet a 3rd block party along Eugenia — between Wool and Andover (this is our 3rd or 4th year combining our block parties). Ours is on Sunday, starting at noon. There will be great food, great live and local music, kids, bbq — come join the fun!

  5. There is also one on the 600 block of Gates this Sunday, Sept 29th! Live irish band, bbq, great food, and great people! We have had the pleasure of the both fire and police departments visit with the kids too:)

  6. It should be noted, and probably already has been, that the GATES STREET block party is this Sunday 🙂 (Gates Between Ogden and Crescent)

    What a weekend for Bernal Block Parties!!

  7. And although not technically in Bernal, there is a modest, family oriented, second block part on Folsom (between 11th and 7th St.) on Sunday as well.

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