Lost: Young Aviator Seeks Assistance in Aircraft Recovery Effort



Well, independent of anything else that may be going on in the world right now, I think we can all agree that this is no fun: Neighbor Nasen got his remote-controlled airplane stuck in a tree over the weekend:

Hello. This is Neighbor Nasen. I’m eight years old and I live in Bernal. I just got a new remote controlled airplane called the Firebird Stratos. I accidentally flew it into a tree at St. Mary’s Park on Sunday morning. This was it’s first-ever flight. If you see it on the ground or if it’s possible to get it down, please contact me. Here’s a video of how it happened:

Rats. As the young aviator is heard to say on the video, “That stinks.”

Totally. Please keep your eyes out for Neighbor Nasen’s spiffy airplane if you happen to be near that tree in St. Mary’s. As an added incentive, Bernalwood and BASA will gladly offer a grateful reward to anyone who recovers Nasen’s lost aircraft.

PHOTOS: via Neighbor Nasen

5 thoughts on “Lost: Young Aviator Seeks Assistance in Aircraft Recovery Effort

  1. I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but do kids no longer climb trees? 8-year old me would’ve jumped at the excuse to scale just about anything.

  2. Nasen,
    If I may suggest tossing tennis balls in the tree may help dislodge it with out incurring additional airframe damage. It is hard to tell how high up the tree it is but sometimes you can use telescoping tent sticks to reach up in the tree. After the rain and wind we had yesterday it may have worked loose. Lastly, a couple of RC Murphy’s Laws – trees and other obstacles are always closer than they appear and when your plane goes down it is always farther away than you thought.

    Post Flight – You had an excellent take off!


  3. I had a plane caught up a tree few years back, called an arborist – $40 and 10 minutes later, plane was dislodged. A better location to go flying, fwiw, is in Daly City at Roosevelt School’s field.

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