Attention, Artists: Submissions Wanted for 2013 “Art From Within Bernal Heights” Gallery Show


Wanna share your amazing art with the rest of us? The Inclusions Gallery on Cortland is still accepting submissions for the annual (and excellent) “Art From Within Bernal Heights” show, but you’d best hurry, because the submission deadline is October 2:

This annual event is dedicated to the multi-talented individuals that make up the highly creative community of Bernal Heights. All residents are welcome and encouraged to participate. Each year this successful exhibit displays over 100 diverse works of art. It’s a terrific opportunity to have your work shown while participating in an event that celebrates and supports the creativity of the local community.

Exhibition dates
October 19 – November 17, 2013

Artist reception
November 2, 2013 / 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

You must be a resident of Bernal Heights to participate.

Mediums welcome
Painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, artist book, ceramics, sculpture, textile, fiber art, mix media, collage, assemblage. Original art only.

Deadline for Submission October 2, 2013, before midnight.

Submission guidelines and complete details right here.

IMAGE: Mosaic of 2012 Art From Within Bernal Heights, by Inclusions Gallery. 

4 thoughts on “Attention, Artists: Submissions Wanted for 2013 “Art From Within Bernal Heights” Gallery Show

  1. I can only imagine that this comment comes at the expense of a certain lack of experience with the reality of life in the art world. Suprise! I probably enter 20 juried competetitions a year, and $20 is below anything I ever expect to pay. You pay for the shipping, and you pay for the return shipping, you pay for framing and yes, they take 50%–something to do with paying the rent, publicity, and the other costs of business which include just trying to break even. I would certainly encourage artists to support their local gallery, as taking it for granted can only ultimately come at their own expense.

    • You imagined correctly! 🙂 I know nothing of the art world. Just seems a bit steep to me and you do have to pay for framing yourself here as well. Doesn’t say anything about shipping. eh.. I guess the 50% as to pay for the costs to display all the works that don’t sell as well.

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