Spiffy Infographic Reveals Pricing Patterns for Residential Rentals in Bernal Heights



Yesterday a few of our bloggy friends around town flagged a spiffy infographic created by the online real estate service Trulia which presents a block-by-block picture of residential real estate prices for all of San Francisco. In general, the map has been described as something of a metaphorical “bloodbath,” because a) the infographic shows that rental prices are generally very high in San Francisco and b) the infographic represents these high rental rates via deep shades of red.

Yet when we zoom and enhance the Bernal Heights portion of the map, we see that the picture in our neighborhood is marginally less depressing for would-be renters. That’s because much of central Bernal is orange-colored, which means that rental prices there are somewhat lower, clocking in at “only” $1400-ish per bedroom.

CurbedSF calls out some wonkiness in Trulia’s price calculation methodology:

As noted in Trulia’s disclaimer about their methodology, the price-per-bedroom index low-balls the average prices for the most common units on the market today – studios and one-bedrooms. Smaller units are rarely priced in proportion to larger units with more bedrooms (meaning that in a neighborhood where a three-bedroom rents for $3,600/month, it’s rare that you can get a one-bedroom for as little as $1,300/month). But this type of index does provides a great reminder of what kind of price tag larger units entail.

Indeed. While imperfect, the map the virtue of at least being consistent, so it introduces some potentially interesting and/or useful geographic granularity to our understanding of Bernal’s residential rental market.

4 thoughts on “Spiffy Infographic Reveals Pricing Patterns for Residential Rentals in Bernal Heights

  1. I hope my landlord doesn’t see this (tongue in cheek – like he doesn’t know already) – he’s very fair but…..thank god I’ve lived on Wool Street for 10 years. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to live here anymore.

  2. I don’t get the sense there are a lot of 1-br or studios in Bernalwood, so the CurbedSF blurb doesn’t pertain much to our hood.

  3. Perhaps your real estate consultant could encourage buyers to kick out tenants again, to free up some of that space.

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