Fund Collects Donations for Holly Park Victim Christy Svanemyr’s Surviving Family



Christy Svanemyr didn’t live in Bernal Heights. But last Thursday, when she died in Holly Park after a Recreation and Parks Department truck drove over her as she lay on the grass with her daughter, Christy Svanemyr became a part of the Bernal community.

Christy Svanemyr had a strong network of friends and co-workers here in San Francisco, and in an email to Bernalwood, here’s how one of her friends described her:

Joyful, playful, deep, clear, open, VERY loving, really together. Zen monk, coach, trainer, amazing loving friend, mom, wife, dancer, snowboarder… Just one of those luminous, humble beings who made you feel special and brought out the specialness of the moment.

Yes, very clearly One of Us.

Many Bernal residents have asked if there is anything that can be done to help Christy’s husband, Vegar, and their infant daughter.

Indeed there is: Christy’s friends have created the Christy Svanemyr Family Fund to assist the family with near-term expenses. The fund has already exceeded its initial goal (thankfully), but as the fund page explains, “Even though the ‘goal’ has been reached, the support needed is endless. Please continue to give as you are moved to. The site will continue to accept donations through this page.”

Vegar and Christy’s friends have expressed their gratitude for the outpouring of support they have received from Bernal Heights. A donation to the Christy Svanemyr Family Fund is a way to make that support even more tangible. If you are so inclined, please make a contribution.

PHOTOS: Top, flowers placed at the site where Christy Svanemyr was killed, photographed on Saturday, Sept 7 by Telstar Logistics. Photo of Christy Svanemyr and her daughter, via Facebook.

6 thoughts on “Fund Collects Donations for Holly Park Victim Christy Svanemyr’s Surviving Family

  1. Is there an address we can send to the fund for this family? If there is I am certain a lot of people (ok, me) would feel better about donating. Thanks.

  2. Janet, this is the best way to donate. It’s safe, direct, organized by a close friend of the family’s and no one will have to deal with collecting and relaying checks. It’s hassle free. Please don’t hesitate to contribute. Thanks for being a good neighbor! I’m so proud of all the donors.

  3. In DART training last Saturday we met the Animal Care & Control officer who responded, and she told us that she picked up the dog.

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