This Week: Enjoy the Glamorous 2013 Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema Series



Okay, fashionistas and film geeks! It’s that silver-screen time of year here in Bernal Heights, because this week we get to enjoy the glamorousness that is the 10th annual Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema festival.

Bonus: Here’s the sexxxy new trailer from BHOC, featuring  jaw-dropping footage from Nathan Shipley’s magical quadcopter:

BHOC is exactly like Sundance or Telluride, only without so many people wearing furry apres-ski boots. As locals, we know the drill: Free films. Most are short. Most are shown outside. Emphasis on local topics and filmmakers. Bring seating. Dress warmly. Snuggle as necessary. Enjoy.

Here’s the studio-executive summary of the schedule, with the kickoff party happening tomorrow:

Thursday, August 29
7 pm
Opening Night at El Rio
3158 Mission Street
Party, preview, and awards

Friday, August 30
7, 8 and 9 pm
Film Crawl on Cortland Avenue
Bennington Street to Anderson Street
Progressive screenings / six venues

Saturday, August 31
4 pm
A Look Back: Favorite Films from the first 9 years of Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema
Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, 2868 Mission Street
Films & Filmmakers reception

Sunday, September 1
6:30 pm
Under the Stars at Precita Park — Season finale
Folsom Street at Precita Avenue
Films & live music in the park

Check out the BHOC website for additional details and film schedules.

PHOTO: Top, BHOC at Precita Park, 2012 by Telstar Logistics

5 thoughts on “This Week: Enjoy the Glamorous 2013 Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema Series

  1. The Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema has been going a lot longer than 9 years. What I liked about it before was that the shows were spread out and each one was an event. And they were held at various outdoor locations. Also, they featured something about Bernal in them — a Bernal filmmaker, Bernal locations, Bernal theme, etc.

    But this current thing is like a film festival, everything all crammed into one week with fancy receptions and all that. It really kills the homespun kind of thing that the BHOC used to be.

    • Thanks Susie. I’m going to try to be home on Sunday just to see your doc. Is there a trailer? After the BHOC, will it be online? Can we show it on Bernalwood someday?

      • @Todd – Hope you liked it! I’m prepping the final trailer now. I’m still sending it out to festivals, so not ready to post online quite yet. I’ll let you know as soon as I am. I do have some time-lapse of the highway sign coming down I’ll post online soon.

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