TONIGHT: Tasty Alemany Night Market Returns to Benefit La Cocina


Alemany Night Market

Last year’s Night Market street food festival at the Alemany Farmer’s Market site was a lot of fun — so much so that at the time we declared we really should do things like that more often.

Well, it’s one year later, and the street food festival is happening again. Tonight!! August 16!! From 6pm to 10pm! And just like last time, the delicious Alemany Night Market is a benefit for the deliciously fantastic La Cocina incubator for food entrepreneurs:

You are walking through vibrant streets with the smells of food and the sounds of people making that food. Everywhere around you are people, sitting, talking, sharing over steaming bowls of laksa, pozole, or ramen. A couple on a corner leans into a plate of tacos, takoyaki, or brisket.

You could be anywhere, or everywhere, in the world. Instead, you are at La Cocina’s 2nd Annual San Francisco Night Market. It is August 16th, 2013, and you are at Alemany Farmer’s Market, one of San Francisco’s oldest landmarks. There is music, food, games from around the world, and, most importantly, wonderful people. It is San Francisco, of course, so it can be cold. But fear not: you have blankets and heat lamps. You are happy.

Join our La Cocina entrepreneurs and guest celebrity chefs who are collaborating to make delicious dishes from all over the world. This event is a benefit for La Cocina, a non-profit incubator kitchen, that you can learn more about here. Entrance is a $35 donation, and all food and drink is priced under $10.

Bernalwood’s sources in the foodie underground tell us that the selection this year will be excellent — and (PRO TIP!!!) especially the yakitori.

Get your tickets right here. Also (shhhhhhhhh!) Neighbor Arno from BernalBucks set up a deal so you can get $10 off your tickets if you use the “bernalbucks” promo code. Because you’re a local. Which has its privileges.

See you tonight.

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