SFPD Makes Arrests in Big Bernal Heights Ecstasy Bust


Life in Bernal Heights is generally rather blissful. It’s a kind of ecstasy, all unto itself.

But Neighbor Benjamin and Neighbor Steve  got into some trouble with the San Francisco Police over the weekend for keeping 60 pounds of chemical ecstasy in their Mission Street apartment. Oops!

MissionLocal details the bust:

San Francisco police seized nearly 60 pounds of MDMA, a drug more commonly called ecstasy, in an apartment on Mission Street near 29th Street Sunday. Two men, one identified as 31-year-old Steven Terrell and the other as 36-year-old Benjamin Hagerl, were arrested in connection with the drugs.

Police said that at about 9 a.m. Sunday, a resident called and said that a man was trying to get inside an apartment unit in the 3300 block of Mission Street. When the resident refused to let the man in, the suspect broke one of the apartment windows and left a trail of blood.

When police arrived, they found a fresh trail of blood and followed it to a second-floor apartment. After they knocked on the door, a man with blood on his hand and pants answered.

While talking to the man, whom officers later identified as the burglary suspect, police noticed several narcotic packages on the floor. They also saw that a second man was inside the apartment.

They detained both men and served them a search warrant. The search led to the discovery of 23 kilograms of MDMA in the form of powder and 4.5 kilograms in the form of pills.

CBS-SF adds that the arrest was was one of the biggest drug busts in SFPD history.

PHOTO: Benjamin Hagerl (left) and Steven Terrell (right)

9 thoughts on “SFPD Makes Arrests in Big Bernal Heights Ecstasy Bust

  1. This is very sad. These neighbors are both good, caring, responsible people. Let’s lock up all the liquor store and tavern owners as well. I swear, the more years I spend here in the city, the more children I see on schoolbusses. Regarding the burners, they should simply consume rat poison instead.

  2. I am so curious as to what lead up to this. Since these two guys (seemingly) lived there, what happened that morning that one roommate had to break into his own home, when it sounds like his roommate was there and could have let him in? Why didn’t the neighbor who called the police not recognize him when he initially tried to get into the building? And would you really break into your own building like that with so much contraband in your home? Lastly, if you have illegal drugs like ALL over the place, why in the heck would you answer the door if the police were a knockin’? Especially since you were covered in blood and looked super sketched-out? These guys had to have been dipping into their own stash.

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