New Video Profiles Cortland’s “Optimistic Bike Shop”


Following up on his wonderful profile of Bernal artists Joseph Branchcomb and Toby Klayman, Neighbor Steve Sisler has released his next piece in his “Bernal Heights Conversations” video series: A video about Brett Thurber and Karen Wiener, the glamorous couple that created the newfangled New Wheel electric bicycle shop on Cortland.

Neighbor Steve writes:

Can you believe two of the nicest kids that I have ever met are selling and servicing quality electric bikes right here in Bernal? I wish I could say The New Wheel is a mom & pop shop, but Karen and Brett need a few years before we can expect children from them. Until then Bernal is lucky to have another fine family business.

Frankly, we’re also rather lucky to have Neighbor Steve  cranking out these terrific videos. Go fullscreen, your feet up on the desk for a few minutes, and get to know Brett and Karen:

3 thoughts on “New Video Profiles Cortland’s “Optimistic Bike Shop”

  1. Thanks so much Todd!   Steve Sisler

    Principal Information Architect & Creative CerebralPro, Inc builiding blocks of human experience


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