Sad Neighbors Want to Know Who Hit Their Parked Car on Saturday Night


This is a sad photo of Neighbor Amanda’s car. The car was hit on Saturday night while parked on the east side of Bernal Heights. Neighbor Amanda and her husband are understandably very sad, and they would welcome your help to track down the driver who did this:

My husband’s car was parked on the corner of Montcalm/Brewster [on Saturday] night, next to the mailbox. At around 2am, it was rear-ended hard enough to be pushed ~10 feet and wedged under the Subaru Outback in front of it. The car that hit it was apparently a teal Nissan, because it left its grille behind. Many neighbors heard it happen, but nobody called 911. Kind thanks to all the neighbors and Officer Adams from the Ingleside for their help (and coffee) this morning.

Officer Adams underscored the importance of calling 911 when you hear an accident, even if you don’t have a license plate number or description. More eyes and more cops around the neighborhood lessen the chances of drunk drivers racing through the neighborhood.

If anyone sees a teal Nissan with a smashed-up front end, please let the Hit and Run unit know at 553-1641.

PHOTO: Neighbor Amanda

13 thoughts on “Sad Neighbors Want to Know Who Hit Their Parked Car on Saturday Night

  1. This happened to our car too a few months ago. Less severe but still a hefty repair bill. I would love to see more speed bumps on our hill.

  2. Oh that sucks! Our car was the victim of a hit and run back in February on Prospect and Esmeralda – almost $8k worth of damage but no one heard/saw a thing. Thankfully we were fully insured. I hope they catch the guy/gal who did this!

  3. Hit & run sucks and I hope the owners get restitution, but a city street has always been and will always be a high risk spot to park a Porsche.

  4. i know who it was: some loser. i suspect the same calibre of person who T’d me on Crescent at Folsom and then sped off. Sorry to read about Amanda’s car 😦

  5. Think I may have just seen the perps. Teal car, front end missing. Driving west on Ceasar Chavez. Chased on bike, but too slow to get plate. 6:15 monday eve. Thing is, i could have sworn it was a Hyundai – but didn’t have glasses. Three young folks inside.

    • Thanks for trying, sympathetic neighbor! It definitely was a Nissan, though — they left their grille at the scene. No VIN on the part, though.

  6. Interesting that the police say to call whenever you hear an accident. When I was in a MVA a few months back, the police said “we don’t come for accidents unless there are injuries.”

    Lousy about the car…

  7. so sad, check out body shops just MAYBE someone brought it in to be fixed-they may be reckless and dumb!!

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