Bernalwood: The Magazine, Now Available on the Web


Glamorous news! Bernalwood: The Magazine is now available on the Web.

But wait. What is Bernalwood Magazine? Here’s what I wrote about the magazine-style version of Bernalwood when I unveiled it a few months ago:

As our longtime readers know, Bernalwood is many things. It’s a glamour-soaked nickname for Bernal Heights, our fabulous neighborhood. Bernalwood is a blog. Bernalwood is a Flickr group. Bernalwood is a Twitter account. And now, Bernalwood is a magazine.

Let me back up and explain. By day I work at Flipboard, a company that produces a rather lovely app for reading news feeds […] For the last few months, I’ve been test-driving the new version of Flipboard by publishing a magazine called (…wait for it…) Bernalwood!

In essence, it’s a curated compilation of all the other manifestations of Bernalwood, all packaged together in one place, in a paginated, visually rich format.

Bernalwood Magazine is colorful and rather gorgeous, and for media wonks, it’s an interesting experiment in community-powered journalism for the social-media age. But there was one glaring problem: Until now, you could only view Bernalwood Magazine while using Flipboard on an iOS or Android mobile device.

Happily, that barrier no longer exists. Yesterday Flipboard introduced a new feature that makes it possible to view Flipboard-created magazines in a regular Web browser, complete with the beautiful covers, intuitive page “flips,” and spiffy interface that are Flipboard’s signature design elements.

Here’s a sample of what Bernalwood Magazine looks like on the web:


Here’s another taste:


There’s nothing to download, and nothing to learn. To flip the pages, just tap the arrows on the edges of your browser window, or use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. Click to read Bernalwood Magazine on the Web, and if you like what you see, add it to your bookmarks, right alongside the cherished one you use for the standard Bernalwood blog.

Finally — and most importantly — no matter what flavor you prefer, thanks as always for reading and contributing to Bernalwood.

3 thoughts on “Bernalwood: The Magazine, Now Available on the Web

  1. I freaking love Flipboard on my iPad! it’s the killer table app. i daily look at a bunch of photo blogs, NPR Music, Rolling Stone, Spin, etc etc etc. Congrats on bringing Flipboard to the Web!

  2. It looks neat, but how come I can’t actually read any of the stories on the flipboard? I have to click and it takes me to the blog… what’s the benefit? why not just go to the blog’s site? oh i see, because twitter and flickr are also there, so you get tidbits of everything… do all the bernalwood photos end up on the flipboard? Or just specific ones you select? I still want to be able to scroll around in the flipboard to be able to read the whole story without having to click on it and navigate back when i’m done reading. maybe in the next version?

  3. Beautifully executed, @Todd! Looks great even on a bigger screen.
    (One magazine I won’t get in trouble for hording it…)

    Nice way to bring your day job and night job together!

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