Saturday: Join the Bernal GO Team to Clean Up Bernal Hill


One of the many things that makes Bernal Heights rather awesome is the fact that the people who live here are actively engaged in our community. Witness the formation of the new Bernal GO Team, a group of neighbors who have organized to take on various projects around Bernal Heights on an as-needed basis.

The Bernal GO Team will deploy for the first time on Saturday, July 6 at 10 am to tidy up Bernal Hill after the inevitable revelry that will take place there on July Fourth, and you are invited to participate.

Here are the deets, from the shiny and new Bernal GO Team website:

What is the Bernal GO Team?

The best explanation is our tagline: Neighbors in Action. We tackle quick-strike projects to make life a little bit better in the neighborhood. Come meet your neighbors and be part of Bernal’s long history of community activism and action. Sleep well at night knowing that you’ve worked to keep our neighborhood amazing. We’re a grass-roots group and not affiliated with any organization, though we’re happy to help other neighborhood groups with their projects.

How do I join?

Anyone can join the GO Team – just show up for a project! You can work on a single project or more. Look for announcements on the new BernalBernal calendar, follow us on Twitter, and check out our website.

Join the GO Team in Action!

July 6 Bernal Hill Cleanup
Our fair Bernal Hill has amazing views – which means it attracts a crowd on July 4. There’s always a great deal of detritus left over after the official and unofficial July 4 celebrations – fireworks, wrappers, bottles, cans, etc.

Let’s keep our Hill healthy and clean by meeting to pick up the garbage. As with all Bernal GO Team projects, you’ll also get to meet your neighbors and know that you are part of what makes this neighborhood great.

Saturday, July 6, 2013
Meet at 10am at the south gate/entrance, which is just west of the intersection of Anderson and Bernal Heights Blvd. We will be done by 12 noon at the latest.

  • Bring work gloves and a couple of garbage bags – and bring extras if you have them so that you can share with anyone who doesn’t but who wants to help.
  • This should be OK for school-aged kids, but please keep an eye on them – there will likely be broken glass, used fireworks, or other potentially dangerous items.
  • USE COMMON SENSE. Avoid steep slopes or anything that looks unsafe, and stay on paths as much as possible to avoid damaging fragile plant life. Rec & Park can follow up to remove any debris we are unable to clean up safely.

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