UPDATED: Vandalism and Neglect Plague Bernal Library Playground


The playground behind the Bernal Heights library is extremely popular, but a sad combination of meathead vandalism and bureaucratic neglect have combined to make the playground a less happy place.

Over the weekend, Neighbor Ron wrote to Bernalwood about the latest affront:

One of the child swings is missing from the playground.

It was here yesterday.

Also, the slide hasn’t been replaced since its torching last February. *ARG!

Its time for Bernal parents to email Parks n Rec!

Great idea. You can file complaints about broken equipment at the Bernal library playground via the 311 System, here.

Also try the ParkScan system, here.

And while you’re at it, it’s also worth shooting Supervisor David Campos an email to see if he can lubricate the wheels of progress.

UPDATE: In the comments below, a Bernalwood reader helpfully informs us that the swing was not vandalized this weekend; instead, it was cut by the San Francisco Fire Department in order to rescue an older child who had gotten stuck in the kiddie swing. Thank you, Reader Adam!

PHOTO: Neighbor Ron

15 thoughts on “UPDATED: Vandalism and Neglect Plague Bernal Library Playground

  1. Definitely a good idea to E-mail Sup. Campos, he is generally very responsive to his constituents.

  2. Lets also let them know about the slow response in fixing playground equipment at the precita park playground.

  3. The torched slide- how many times is that, now? 4? I wonder if it is possible to switch to a metal one. It would probably have to be custom and cost too much. But you wouldn’t be able to torch it.

  4. Actually, I saw one of these missing children’s swings being removed on Saturday by the SF Fire Department. An older girl (an adolescent) sat in the swing and got stuck, and the Fire Department had to cut the swing to get her out. While it’s not a great situation (what was she doing sitting in a swing intended for a 1-year old?!), the good news is that it wasn’t vandalism.

  5. Is there any way to get a kickstarter or fund raiser going for this playground? Lots of families in the hood and this is supposed to be a world class city, our playgrounds should be too.

  6. The Bayshore McDonalds play area is really looking pretty shabby these days. Is there anything we can do about that?

  7. My company was in Precita Park doing a volunteer day a few weeks back. We replaced all the sand and the wood chips. You may have seen us. 40 people in blue shirts. We were supposed to work on Bernal Library Playground too, but they (parks n rec) decided just to have us do Precita Park. At least we have clean sand!

    • Hi Kerry!

      The new sand is fabulous! St. Tropez has nothing on is! Our sand is gorgous! And by the way, it helped us immensely here in Precta Park to use our park funds wisely. Sand is pretty expensive, so you and the Park & Rec saved our grant funds! Thank you and your amazing company. Lots of love and sand, Precita Valley Neighbors

  8. Doesn’t say too much about the people who live in Bernal Heights who think nothing of vandalizing public property. Put a camera out there to catch anyone who is destroying public property. The same things happen in St Mary’s Park Playground & Dog Walk. Most times the people who cause the problems come from the nearby projects, at least in this case.

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